10 Best Startup Websites & Examples That Captivate Visitors

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There is a saying that the information is at our fingertips and the world on our hands. The saying is more relevant today than ever. The internet world has continued transforming people’s lives and how businesses share information with others or their clients. Websites are a critical component of the internet. They dictate how services are delivered, or products sold online.

Additionally, a website is the primary way of information sharing online. According to Pixolabo, 79% of business owners who have websites expect growth of up to 25% in three years. People spend much time online. Thus, having a well-structured and SEO-optimized website can be beneficial and a great way to improve your profits. Below are some of the websites that can give you an idea.

10 Best Startup Websites & Examples That Captivate Visitors

Websites have become a way for web makers to break ground for people with incredible ideas. The web can help spread its idea to the masses for a startup company, but this depends on how fast the owner can make an impression. This condition triggers the question, what does a great startup website entail?

Well, a great website startup should grab the user’s attention in the first few seconds, unlike the case of an established brand. It’s easier to hit the mark on this bar by remembering the visitor of your website might not even have a clue what you care about, and they might be even there but chance. The first question on this person’s mind could be “What is in it for me?” or “What is this about?”.

The best websites not only grab the visitor’s attention but are also user-friendly, visually appealing, and connects with the visitor. These qualities lead to low bounce rates and generate effective leads. Do you want to put up a startup website? Your home page should entail 5 of the following for its success.

• A tagline: The tagline should be prominent and fit the branding message. It should also communicate the advantage of the startup immediately.

• User-friendly interface: One that considers navigation, load times, prominent call to action, sitemap, and intuitive layout.

• Simple Message: It clearly should give the purpose of your website and how it can benefit the visitor.

• A quick demonstration video: It gives your product use in a short video or a diagram.

• Social proof: Gives a trace of the companies you have worked with by displaying their logos. These act as evidence that your business does exist.

Now that you have what the home page of your startup website should entail. Let’s look at some of the successful websites to inspire you as you build your startup website.

1. Kohost

Kohost is a startup website that specializes in the hospitality industry. They offer convenience during the check-in and check-out process of clients in hotels. By clicking on a link, the guest is instantly connected to their room, eliminating the old-fashioned onboarding process of handing them a list of instructions.

The website has employed a simple tagline, and the call to action buttons match the theme color and are well designed. As one scrolls down, the website feels alive because of the animations used and the popping information. Once you open the website, it is easy for your attention to be lost.

The powerful theme color, enticing scrolling animation, and the call to action button design are pointers to take from this website.

2. Elegant Themes

Elegant themes is a startup website that helps other startup companies build their unique websites. It is a website building platform with a visual editor that newcomers and design professions can create their designs. Anyone can use the website as it is easy and efficient to use. Everyone from freelancers can use elegant themes, to agencies, to website owners. The website has been over a hundred website layout packs have already been created, and new layouts are added weekly.

Their website themes are outstanding, which makes them an outstanding example to follow. The moving animation is an impressive addition as you scroll down their website.

They have used their website as a tool to showcase their capabilities in website designing.

The aspects that you can learn from them include designing your call-to-action buttons, using a playful design in your website, and having a great user experience.

3. Donut

Donut is a startup website that aims to help people with money-saving. They have used a catchy slogan, “say goodbye to idle money,” to imply that you can use this excess cash to save up and, in the process, you get a high yield. In the long run, your money is secure, gathering an interest.

Donut’s website is considered a minimalist web design. This type of web design relies on a robust design and uses brief text. A minimalist design is clean and appealing. Their call to action button has been designed in such an enticing model that all you want to do is click it. The catchy phrases used, such as “we make your money move,” “refer friends, earn money,” and “make dough, do nuts,” keeps the model enticing and in an up-bit mood.

The takeaway from this website includes; clear heading, clean web design, intriguing button design.

4. Limepay

Limepay is a startup website that brings brands closer to their customers. It achieves this by offering a brand-first payment platform that gives knowledge, control, and ownership of the customer’s experience back to brands. Their features include seamless payments, improved loyalty to grow the customer relationship, and technical solutions.

The startup website has a brilliant color scheme that from top to bottom. Reading from this website, one feels alive because of the color combination. The bubbles at the edges of every page add a flare to the website giving it an extra dimension.

The points to keep in mind from this great startup website include; the choice of colors to represent your brand matters a great deal, an extra dimension to a website makes it feel ‘3D’, and finally, scrolling animations not only makes the page seem cool they also eliminate monotony.

5. Easytrax

Easytrax is a startup website that offers help in GPS tracking and fleet management services. This platform fulfills business requirements in fleet security, cold supply chain, fleet management, fuel management driver identification, and work order management.

The web design used is playful and captivating to the eye. It has used a light color scheme, images, and pictorials to keep the page interesting. The web design style used can be considered minimalistic as their use of words is minimal. Easytrax has made use of social proof also including their approval by the Bangladesh government. This concept enforces trust just by looking at the website. It has also employed the use of testimonials, adding to the trust feature they have going.

You can learn from this startup website by using illustrations, lovely fantastic shapes displayed by border radiuses, and clean web design.

6. Apothekary

Apothekary is a startup website that advises visitors on mental and physical healing using the apothecary supplements foods that substitute over-the-counter medicine. Their plant-based medicine is showcased as natural quick-fix drugs and supplements. The website advocates for improving digestion, sleep, skin, stress, mood ad energy. Their slogan, “we believe food is medicine. From stress to skincare, get your daily dose of wellness from mother nature’s pharmacy”, is catchy and already tells a lot about the website.

The website makes used of bold and calming colors to demonstrate the effect of the products, and visitor engagement is triggered once you log onto their website through an invitation to take the initiative. The website has also used social proof by using their featured publications to validate the authenticity of their products. It has also used flashing and still images that are well spaced, leaving the website beautiful and appealing.

Lessons to be learned from this website are; pictorials go a long way in a website, the color scheme of your website should speak to what the website stands for, and social proof makes a website more authentic.

7. Cue

Cue is a startup website that has the first social life calendar. Unlike Cue, most calendars in the market have been concentrated on the work. Cue is more about finding time for friends and family and less about agendas and meetings. Cue gives the features to a group chat on all your events, follow things you love, for example, movies and sports, and helps connect to friends through announcements.

Cues website is well organized attractively spaced. The homepage has a minimalist layout as it only has the symbol, name, and slogan. Using the slogan on the home page is attractive, “The world’s first social calendar.” It makes the visitor want to know more about Cue. Using smartphones to display the app adds flare to the website.

Using words accompanied by brightly colored pictorials solidifies the paragraph’s already read the message. At the bottom of the last page, different logos from different apps eaves a lasting effect even after the website has been closed.

8. Common

This is a startup website that helps the visitor find their dream home. Common helps guide the visitor on getting beautiful spaces with convenient amenities and outstanding services. These co-living homes are categorized by the cities where they are located. Common offers cleaning services, basic supplies, onsite laundry, property services, and transfers.

The website oozes elegance and comfort, which is highlighted by the colors used. Its modern and attention-grabbing nature is brought to life using a high-end photos layout throughout the website. Even though the website is minimalist, the words used through it are engaging and quizzical, keeping you interested in what will be next. The quiz element in the website leads to a great customer experience and helps with the generation of leads.

9. Shadowmap

Shadowmap is a startup website that helps humans find the sun. This phrase alone is radiant and catchy. It just makes you want to know more. Shadowmap provides insight into the sun’s predictability based on the data presented. Shadowmap can be used in photography, real estate, gastronomy, solar energy, sports and outdoor, and solar cars. It visualizes shadows and light in a web-based maps app putting into consideration terrain and buildings. This information gives precise solar shadows, global 3D buildings, worldwide 3D terrain, and the different time zones.

The website is well organized with deep, bold colors that ooze professionals. The bold, colorful fonts are easy to read, and the color scheme is related to the topic. The homepage is eye captivating with a clear, enticing message. Using pictures on this website has gone a long way to keep it interesting.

In the message it the website shows the importance of the topic, shadows. Visitors have the option to preview the app with no regulations or sign up needed.

10. January

January is a startup website that tracks your blood sugar and advises you on what to eat and what not to eat. It uses AI to help its clients understand their metabolism and how their body responds to food. It gives real-time insights into how what you eat and your exercise affects your glucose levels. Package purchase includes digital telehealth assessment, membership to the January app, and two times continuous glucose monitor.

The January website homepage has a pop-up with a greeting and an enticing offer. This is an efficient way to make the visitor feel welcomed and to generate leads. The color scheme of the website, yellow, entices the visitor on the call to action button.

Using pictures, graphics, and charts keeps the visitor focused on the pictorials’ weighing side and engages them on matters of health. Using social proofs and testimonials was a significant addition to January’s website.

The lessons to take from this website include bright colors that keep the visitor drawn to specific elements, such as a call to action buttons, pop-ups to help build a client list.


It is imperative to have an SEO-friendly website to drive your profit margins to the next level. As statistics show, entrepreneurs having a website have a better chance of increasing sales and conversions. You can look at the websites above to structure your content for maximum user-friendliness, which translates to profits and other benefits.

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