4 Best Video Interview Software for Employers

Thanks to the advancements in technologies and the wide availability of high-speed internet, employee interviews are no longer needed to be done exclusively in person. Online assessment (i.e., online tests), phone calls, or a video conference are just some examples of interviews not done in person, and they all can be called virtual interviews.

With that being said, video interviews are considered the virtual interview form that is the closest to resembling traditional, in-person interviews.

To perform a video interview, employers, HR managers, or recruiters can leverage a video conferencing solution (i.e., Zoom) or use a dedicated virtual interview tool to help them do the job.

Yet, choosing the right video interview solution can be quite a confusing task if you don’t know what to look for, and this is where this guide comes in.

In this guide, we will discuss all you need to know about video interview solutions, and we’ll also share our reviews of the best video interview software for employers available today.

Without further ado, let us begin.

How We Choose The Best Products

We understood the importance of having an accurate, unbiased review and recommendation, so in this section, we’ll first elaborate on the factors we consider when reviewing different software solutions.

  • Product quality: there are many sub-factors we consider when evaluating the quality of a product, including but not limited to the set of features offered, reliability, ease of use/intuitiveness, and so on. 
  • Product demo/free trial: we leverage the product demo to gain insights into how useful and reliable the solution is.
  • User interface: how well-designed the interface is, and how easy it is to use the solution.
  • Reliability: whether the solution offers a consistent and reliable experience
  • Cost: pretty self-explanatory, but understanding the value of the vehicle depending on the features it offers is important. Cheapest isn’t always the best. If a solution is quite expensive but offers a best-in-class set of features, then its price is justified.
  • Review/testimonies/user feedback: we carefully research how existing/previous users are reacting regarding their experience with the video interview solution. If too many ex-users are leaving bad reviews and/or have something bad to talk about the product, then it’s a major red flag.
  • Case-by-case assessment: each product is unique and may offer unique features or capabilities worth discussing. For example, there are solutions that offer compliance with specific regulations, which can be important for specific use cases in specific industries. 

Top 10 Video Interview Software in 2022

Spark Hire


Spark Hire is a standalone video interview software solution with more than 6,000 active customers (by far, the most popular.) With a decade of experience (launched in 2012,) Spark Hire offers integrations with over 35 Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) solutions and other HR-related tools, multi-language support in over 100 countries, and is reasonably priced.


Spark Hire offers four different plans with a 14-day free trial offer:

  • Starter: $114/month
    • Unlimited interviews
    • 1 job
    • 3 users
  • Pro: $249/month
    • Unlimited interviews
    • 5 jobs
    • 5 users
  • Team: $599/month
    • Unlimited interviews
    • Unlimited jobs
    • 6+ users
  • Enterprise: $849/month
    • Unlimited interviews
    • Unlimited jobs
    • 10+ users

Key Features

Some of Spark Hire’s key offerings include:

  • Intuitive mobile app for versatility and accessibility
  • Scheduling functionality directly through the software
  • A comprehensive library of assessment questions can help in standardizing the interview process 
  • Rejection templates and options
  • Anonymize candidate information to reduce bias
  • Private communication functionality, allowing HR team and recruiters to rate and comment on interviews privately with other team members during live interview sessions.
  • East creation of branded and personalized videos
  • Advanced scheduling features allowing you to arrange schedules without leaving the software
  • Comprehensive control, allowing employers to limit the number of retries on assessment questions, and control how long candidates have to answer each question

Pros and  Cons


  • Advanced multilanguage features allowing smoother interviews with international candidates
  • The ability to privately chat and comment with other team members during live interview, can help HR teams in making better decisions
  • Automatic transcription, allowing an easier, more accurate time to evaluate potential candidates

Our Review

Spark Hire is a reasonably priced video interviewing solution despite its rich set of features. It offers great integration with various popular tools and ATS solutions, including with Office 365, Google, iCloud, and so on to make it easier for your team members and candidates to adopt and use this video interview solution.

Spark Hire offers multilanguage support, which can help you in interviewing international candidates, and a very valuable feature unique to Spark Hire is how your team can use your live chat to communicate with other team members, which can help in making fast decisions during and after interviews.

A great overall video interview software solution, suitable for companies of any size and in any industry.



Willo is a browser-based video interview platform, so you can use it on any device with any OSs, and is customizable to suit your unique banding needs and workflow with APIs and features. Willo offers a free-forever plan with a limited but pretty decent set of features and offers native integration with various popular solutions and ATSs like Workable and Teamtailor, among others. 


Willo offers a 15-day free trial, then users can downgrade to the free-forever plan or upgrade to three different paid plans:

  • Starter: $75/month
    • Unlimited candidate responses
    • Unlimited jobs
    • 3 users
    • Custom branding
  • Growth: $300/month
    • Unlimited candidate responses
    • Unlimited jobs
    • 15 users
    • Custom branding
    • Dedicated success manager
  • Scale: $830/month
    • Unlimited candidate responses
    • Unlimited jobs
    • Unlimited users
    • Custom branding
    • Dedicated success manager
    • Service level agreement

Key Features

Some of Willo’s key highlights are:

  • Browser-based solution, optimal user experience on any device, even on slow internet connection. No apps or downloads required
  • Great customizability both in terms of looks and functionalities
  • Great security features with end-to-end encryption and 2-factor authentication
  • Intelligent question generator to help you generate great assessment tests
  • Integrations with over 3,000 apps
  • localized for the 12 most spoken languages, including Simplified Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic.

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited “candidate response”, which is counted only when a candidate successfully submits a full set of answers to an assessment. Can potentially make Willo more cost-effective than other solutions depending on your use case
  • Versatile being a web-based solution, can be used on any device with any OS
  • Great integration with third-party solutions, including Zapier integration supporting more than 3,000 solutions


  • Not the cheapest solution available for what it offers
  • Dedicated account/success manager only with relatively expensive ‘Growth’ plan and above

Our Review

Willo is an excellent video interview software solution that is especially ideal for larger enterprises with high hiring/interview volumes. This is because, unlike many other solutions, you get unlimited “candidate response” in all Willo’s paid plans. So, you won’t need to pay extra fees anytime a candidate submits their answers, which can make Willo more cost-effective. 

Being a browser-based solution, Willo can be accessed from any device and from anywhere. It’s also versatile in its features, allowing you to send job invites individually to potential candidates or post roles on an integrated job board. You can easily customize the app to include branding elements, as well as to add custom functionalities according to your needs.



Outmatch is another versatile video interview solution with multilingual capabilities that supports nine languages at the moment (and more planned in the future.) This makes Outmatch an ideal solution for employers looking to hire talents from other countries, or companies planning to expand overseas. It offers a robust set of features, allowing both live video and pre-recorded interviews.



Outmatch offers custom pricing depending on your company’s unique needs and preferences. However, it does offer an extensive 60-day free trial, so you can make the most of this free-trial period to assess whether Outmatch is a good fit for your business.

Key Features

  • Integration with popular ATS solutions and video tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • Capable of performing automated hiring workflow from start to finish
  • Immediate feedback to every applicant to improve candidate experience
  • Actionable dashboards, easily identify gaps in your hiring process
  • Smart talent assessment features with culture analysis and automated reference checking
  • The ability to compare individual candidates to different roles and multiple candidates to single roles

Pros and Cons


  • Lengthy 60-day free trial
  • Great integration with various popular ATS systems and HR solutions
  • Intuitive candidate evaluation 
  • Great smart talent assessment features, especially smart interview analysis based on keywords, traits, and skills


  • Custom-pricing only, lack of transparency
  • Two-way interview features are relatively lackluster

Our Review

Outmatch is a pretty decent and versatile video interview solution with a robust set of features allowing automation of assessment workflows, reference checking, and two-way virtual interviews, among other features. 

At the moment, Outmatch supports nine languages, making it a great solution if you are looking to hire international talents. It allows both live video and pre-recorded interviews, and is especially great in pre-recorded interviews with its ability to record interview questions. 




Breezy offers a pretty decent free-forever plan (called Bootstrap) offering basic features, but the advanced features are only available on the three paid plans:

    • Startup: $143/month
      • Candidate automation and questionnaires
      • Video assessment
      • Task management
    • Growth: $ 249/month
      • Automated reference checking
      • Customizable interview guides
      • Multiple recruiting pipelines
  • Business: $ 399/month
    • Advanced, multi-path questionnaires
    • Candidate comparison features
    • Custom roles and permissions
    • HRIS integrations

Key Features

  • An intuitive mobile app, allowing recruiters to make their hiring decisions from anywhere and on any device
  • Great customer support, regular free webinars about the product
  • Excellent integration with popular solutions
  • Over 800 free templates and resources
  • ISO/IEC certified to ensure excellent data privacy and security

Pros and Cons


  • A comprehensive set of features, all-in-one solution for recruiters and employers
  • Advanced multi-path questionnaires on the Business plan
  • Useful pre-made question templates, and custom questions available
  • Self-schedule portal, allowing candidates to schedule their own interview


  • Limited two-way video interview features
  • Advanced features only available on the more expensive plans

Our Review

Breezy is more an all-in-one recruiting solution with video interview features rather than a standalone virtual interview solution. So, the key highlight of Breezy is its robust recruiting features, which provide assistance to the whole hiring process from start to finish. 

However, as a video interview software solution, it offers relatively basic features (albeit pretty decent.) It’s still capable of recording pre-recorded answers in questionnaires and smart evaluation of candidates, among other features.

A great investment if you are looking for a complete recruiting system.

Buying Guide: Video Interview Software for Employers

A video interview software can help employers, recruiters, and HR managers to streamline their hiring process by allowing candidates to pre-record answers to given interview questions or set up live virtual interviews. 

It’s quite obvious that video interview software solutions have helped a lot of employers throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic period throughout 2020 and 2021 so they can continue to hire valuable talents when it’s difficult to perform in-person interviews. However, today during the “new normal” times in the world, video interview software can still offer so many benefits, especially in saving time for both the employers/recruiters and the candidates. 

Below we’ll discuss the key benefits of investing in a video interview software solution, as well as 

Benefits of Video Interview Software

  • Faster hiring process: video interviewing can significantly reduce the time to hire by effectively reducing the time teams spend screening candidates. It also allows candidates to join the hiring process even when their schedules at their current work don’t allow them to meet in person.
  • Reducing biased hiring: by leveraging a video interview software solution, employers can standardize the interview process and improve transparency throughout the whole hiring process. This allows for better assessments of applicants and less bias. 
  • Effective screening process: video interviewing is more effective than phone-based screening, leading to more effective and high-quality in-person interviews in the latter stages of the hiring funnel. With the faster and more accurate screening process, video interviewing would allow employers to screen more applicants so they won’t miss out on top-quality talents due to lack of time.
  • Better candidate experience: due to the more standardized and streamlined interview process, and the versatility candidates get by being able to attend the interview from anywhere and on any device, it can improve the overall candidate experience. Employers can also leverage the video interview solution to, for example, offering interview tips to candidates via videos.
  • Enabling automation: solutions with automation and AI-powered technologies allow employers and HR teams to conduct more in-depth assessments faster and more accurately in an automated way, which can provide numerous additional benefits for both employers and candidates.
  • Employer branding opportunities: employers can include branding elements (i.e. logos) throughout the video sessions, and can also leverage automated emails to showcase their brand messages. The streamlined interview process can also help set the right expectations with candidates and improve their experience, which can help convey positive employer branding for the company.

Key Considerations When Evaluating Video Interview Software

Functionality and Features

This one is pretty self-explanatory: you’d want a video interview software that offers the features you need.

So, when evaluating potential solutions, it’s important to first assess what your needs is first from the video interview software. Research common features in video interview solutions (you can use our review above for this), and list the features you consider as must-haves, nice-to-haves, and not important according to your needs. Use this list when evaluating different solutions.

Also, remember that your HR needs will grow along with your company’s growth. Assess the video interviewing software whether it is future-proof and can “follow” your growth. A platform that is scalable and adaptable will provide more long-term value for your business, so make sure the vendor of your choice is as committed as your company to grow. 

Ease of Use and User Experience

Although you’d want a video interview solution that is rich in features, you’d also want to make sure the solution is easy to use, intuitive, and reliable. You’d want to make sure it’s easy for your HR team members to adopt the software solution without much difficulty.

If your HR team and recruiters don’t approve of the solution, then the video interview software won’t provide any value for your business. A solution with an intuitive and user-friendly interface can help you secure this valuable team buy-in.

Also, consider the candidate’s potential experience when using the solution. You’d want to optimize the candidate experience as much as possible. Remember that a negative impression of your brand may result in your company losing out on top talents. 

Customer Support

While you’d want to get a reliable software solution in the first place, you’d want a vendor who can hold your hand and provide the necessary support when needed. 

At the very least, you should expect the following customer support features in your video interview solution:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Email support
  • Live chat
  • Online help desk (for self-service)
  • Short response time, ideally within an hour of the question
  • Multilingual support

Also, if you are introducing video interviews as a new initiative in your organization, you may need solid training sessions to help onboarding your team. Evaluate whether the solution offers training sessions, the cost (if it’s not free), and how long the training sessions are.

Also, check reviews and client testimonials to give you a better insight into what you can expect from customer support. 


Pretty self-explanatory, how much does the video interview software cost?

Yet, you shouldn’t solely aim to get the most affordable solution available according to your budget, but consider the value provided by the solution. If the solution is a bit more expensive than another alternative but offers many more features you’ll actually need, probably the more expensive solution is a better bet for your team.

When evaluating different solutions, make sure to carefully assess what’s included in the pricing and whether there’ll be any additional/hidden costs you’ll need to tackle (i.e., setup fees, training fees, etc.)

Finding a cost-effective solution that suits your need may be easier said than done, but it’s crucial to do your research homework and try to find a vendor that matches your bottom line, your budget, and your needs. 


How well and how easy can the video interview software fit with your existing technology stack, especially your ATS (Application Tracking System?) 

Disconnected solutions may hinder your overall productivity, making the implementation of the video interview solution counterproductive. So, when evaluating potential solutions, assess whether it offers integration with your existing solutions and whether they have plans to add more integrations in the future. 

Ensuring all your technology solutions are properly integrated with each other can help you ensure a more streamlined and cohesive hiring process. 

Wrapping Up

For employers, investing in a video interview software solution is a great way to streamline and standardize the hiring process, which in turn can reduce bias and overall hiring time. 

While different solutions we’ve reviewed offer different sets of features and qualities, in our opinion Spark Hire is the best video interview solution for most situations. 

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