5 Best Handyman Software Solutions for 2022

Maintenance tasks are like the air we breathe. They are inevitable. You are bound to have a leaking kitchen pipe, faulty AC in summer, or a faulty light. 

This drives the necessity for handymen and, by extension, the popularity of Handyman software solutions. 

According to Ibis World, the handyman service franchise industry has grown by 2.9% in 2022, making the market size $4.7bn. Chances are, these numbers will rise immensely in the future. 

If you run a handyman business, secure a seat on this fast-moving train and rely on Handyman software to avoid getting left behind.

The industry is huge. Finding the best software for your business might be a bit stressful. 

This blog post will delve into the nitty-gritty of the best handyman software in 2022, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. Remember, finding one that resonates with you and your business needs is the most important thing. 

What is Handyman Software?

Handyman software is a tool that bridges the market gap between handymen and their clients.  The software also helps businesses manage their daily tasks and make life easier. It simplifies scheduling, job management, client communication, and invoices. 

Handyman means professionals skilled at handling various home repair services. Although being handy means you’d get your hands dirty, running the business could be much easier. 

With the right software, your business can become the next big deal. Who doesn’t love a company that prioritizes its customers? Every customer or client wants to feel like royalty– handyman software helps you crown them with the best customer service. 

Why You Should Use A Handyman Software

Technology sometimes requires some getting used to. That’s the challenging part. But with time, it would help expand your business and sweep your customers off their feet. 

Now, why does a handyman business need software?


Streamlines Several Activities  

Time is quite priceless. Save it whenever you can– simply put, handyman software helps you save time. With built-in tools for scheduling tasks, dispatching technicians, and responding to clients, you can avoid running your business actively. 

Moreover, you can track the timesheet and clients’ information or history with just one click. It doesn’t get easier than that. 

Seamless Payment Process

Handyman software offers access to many payment options. This means your clients don’t have to worry about payment methods and processes. 

Enhances Efficiency

The option of automation makes business operations hassle-free. Using field service management software, you can automate invoicing, quotes, scheduling jobs, and payment processing. Such administrative tasks could last for hours and become tiring. 

No Paperworks

Paper is gradually becoming a synonym for outdated. The best way to boost efficiency is by avoiding paperwork entirely. Handyman software enables you to do that. Plus, digital document management protects your documents from getting damaged, lost, or misplaced. 

Hence, with the software, you can complete administrative tasks without papers or manual signatures. 

Improve Your Company’s Reputation.

Let’s paint a scenario. 

You love and can’t seem to get enough. And to satisfy your cravings, you’ve discovered two stores that make incredible pizzas. One gets your fresh pizza box into your hand in 20 minutes, while the other takes 2 hours– which one would be your favorite? 

The answer is obvious, you’ll choose timeliness.

Similarly, your clients need an easier way to access skilled professionals. Will you be the 20 minutes clients? Or will you be the 2 hours response time company? 

You need handyman software if you’d love to have returning clients and frequent referrals. Timeliness– and accessibility aids visibility in our digital world. And full visibility yields profitable results. 

Observe And Make Adjustment Where Necessary

APIs and detailed analysis about your business keep your employees on their toes. One great thing about cloud-based software is that it analyzes your progress and enables you to retrace an error and detect damaging patterns before your business takes a fatal hit. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Handyman Software

Mobile App

One of the core importance of Handyman software is the ability to record task updates in real-time. Without an app, your on-site technicians won’t be able to send in updates on tasks. This defeats one of the purposes of using the software.

Check if the software has an app that works well on IOS and Android. This solidifies the communication line between on-site and stationed workers. 

The size of your business

When choosing software, opting for an option that allows for expansion is advisable. Work with a cloud-based solution that can grow with your business and clients. That provides more stability in your company. 

Third-party integration 

Ensure the software integrates with third-party apps that aid your business functions. You need all your apps and software synched to enhance swift operations. For instance, look out for basic integration functionality with QuickBooks for seamless bookkeeping. 

5 Best Handyman Software Solutions

1. Fieldd – Overall Best Handyman Software Solution 

Fieldd offers a quality control system that aids the firm management of your handyman business. With this software, you can impress your customers with excellent customer service. 

Notable Features 

  • Drag and Drop Visual Builder
  • Customized SMS and emails
  • Analytics (Workforce)Reporting
  • Real-time job tracking 
  • Job scheduling 
  • Compliance management 
  • Digital signature
  • Attendance 
  • Inventory management 
  • Document management 
  • Billing and invoicing 
  • Route Optimization

What to expect

Fieldd is a software solution that helps you manage your handyman business.  With self-service abilities, this field service management software allows you to automate other services. 

Hence you can focus on your business while Fieldd runs the administrative tasks for you. It also creates invoices and offers CRM to make your clients’ lives easy. Fieldd streamlines job sheets, communication calendars, and dispatch to enhance productivity. 

For ease of use, the software features an easy-to-use interface and tool kit. Your team will have no issues getting the hang of it. 

In addition, your clients will enjoy the accuracy of Fieldd software’s dispatch. Because its scheduling and dispatch feature work with real-time analytics to assign the perfect match for a job. 

Fieldd has a full customization setup to help you personalize the app to suit your business needs. 

From booking service to sending out professionals and getting paid, it’s fully packed with essential features to run a field service company. Never miss out on anything in your business using the overall live job tracking feature! 


Startup: $49

Growth: $149

Scale$ 249 

Enterprise $Contact

Best For

Suitable for large, medium, and small handyman enterprises focused on using software solutions to improve their businesses. 


The worker app could use some updates.

2. Workwave– Best Software For Home Services Industries

Workwave empowers you to run your business efficiently with access to a robust suite of self-serve tools. It eliminates the complex everyday backend chores by providing market-leading services. 

Notable Features

  • API
  • Accounting Integration
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • CRM
  • Calendar Management
  • Client Management
  • Online Booking
  • Payment Processing
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Real-Time Data
  • Timesheet Management
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Work History

What to expect 

Promoting best-in-class services for companies, Workwave is a cloud-based solutions software offering streamlined services to handymen businesses. The software manages your business interaction with each client at every level. From marketing to sales, service delivery, communication, and financial transactions. 

By providing dispatch and scheduling accessible payment services, Workwave drives profitability and productivity. 

It automates and manages backend operations to cut costs and save time. The software has a fully-integrated suite of solutions to ease the challenges plaguing your daily lives. Workwave streamlines the invoice, payments, and scheduling process, to help business owners focus on running their businesses. 

The software enables you to run a smart business that makes decisions based on real-time analytics. It also offers service delivery, employee engagement, and recruiting & applicant features to simplify your work process. 


Custom pricing on request.

Best For: 

Workwave caters to small-sized handymen businesses. It’s suitable for businesses that need software to manage their employees and customer base.


It’s not particularly user-friendly. 

3. Jobber– Best Software For Small Handyman Businesses

Jobber ensures you stay right on track regarding each customer’s job progress. It provides easy access to features that promote organization and unison with all your employees.

Notable Features 

  • Client Manager (CRM)

  • Scheduling And Dispatching

  • Invoicing And Follow-Ups

  • Mobile App

  • Online Booking

  • Client Hub

  • Client Notifications

  • Job Forms

  • Quoting And Follow-Ups

  • Email And Postcard Marketing

  • Online Payments

  • Reporting

What to expect  

This software is an all-in-one solution for handyman businesses seeking scalability. Jobber features an intuitive layout for automation and a swift work process. 

It offers the option to customize the software for administrative tasks like estimates, sending invoices, and managing your technician’s schedule seamlessly. 

With that, you can focus on other activities without burdening yourself with repetitive tasks. 

Jobber packs several features that enable an interrupted business lifecycle from start to finish. 

It also allows you to plot routes for your on-ground technicians and track their movement or progress. Using the image-sharing features and notes, the whole company would be on the same page regarding every client. 

Without a doubt, this app gives you a bird-view of your company and helps you run it insightfully. 

These days, a connected team is a successful team. Jobber ensures that the connection is air-tight to promote business growth. 


Core: $37

Connect: $97 

Grow: $187

Best For: It’s suitable for small businesses looking to grow and drive more solid communication on their team. 


The mapping system could be better. 

4. HouseCall Pro– Best Software Optimized For Quick Responses 

Housecall Pro is a cloud based software solution that uses cutting-edge technology to manage field service tasks.

What to expect

This software provides simple tools to schedule, dispatch, communicate, and process payments. It’s suitable for handymen because it allows you to focus on providing repair services.

Housecall Pro employs easy-to-use digital tools to create a simplified work system that incorporates several aspects of your business. The software focuses on growing revenue by helping your “work simpler and grow smarter.” 

You can customize the app to suit your business by allowing easy third-party integrations like Quickbooks. 

Notable Features 

  • Invoicing 
  • Scheduling 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Estimating 
  • Google local services
  • Dispatch  
  • Online booking 
  • Automated marketing
  • Gps tracking 
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Customer financing on my way texts
  • Customer management 
  • In-app chats 
  • Reporting 
  • Call tracking 


Basic: $49 

Essentials: $129 

Max: Customized quote upon request

Best For: 

Housecall Pro is a flexible solution for any field service industry. It’s meant for companies who need a cloud-based solution to manage their business and boost productivity. 


You can’t send a broadcast email to all your clients simultaneously

5. Service Fusion– Best Handyman Software For Mid-Sized Businesses

Service Fusion integrates next-level features to promote coordinated service that doesn’t feel remote. It offers a centralized system for scheduling, customer service, reporting, and other features to aid visibility for your business. 

Notable Features

  • Calendar
  • Dispatch
  • Roles
  • Booking
  • Location
  • Employee Communication
  • Behavior Monitoring
  • Client Notifications
  • Reports
  • Analytics
  • Invoicing
  • CRM Integrations

What to expect

Service Fusion is a renowned scheduling software for small to mid-sized field service businesses. It allows you to schedule and dispatch jobs quickly while managing client information. This software features photo uploads for real-time updates. Other features include reporting, scheduling, and communication. 

You can keep track of customers’ history and needs in just one lick. 

To optimize your scheduling process, you can track the location of your technicians in real-time. 

We suggest this software for small field service companies needing a quick and productive way to manage their administrative activities. It allows users to customize their dashboards and enables business-friendly integrations. 

Service Fusion integrates with Quickbooks, VoIP systems, GPS tracking devices,  and payment processing systems. Ultimately, it manages your business with intuitive tools on the go. 


Starter: $126

Plus: $148

Pro: $339 

Best For

A great solution software for mid-sized field service companies. It features solutions to help manage customers and maintain communication with employees.  


The inventory management isn’t so flexible, making it difficult to edit entries as needed. 

Final Thoughts 

Running a business requires flexibility and the ability to adopt energy technologies. With Handyman software, you can help your business remain agile. Handyman software provides visibility automation and streamlined services to enhance productivity. 

Fieldd software tops our list for a variety of reasons. It’s a user-friendly platform that serves companies of various sizes. With intuitive features that aid speed and effortless task automation, Fieldd is a go-to app for managing a handyman business and scaling it for profitability. 

There is no one size fits all approach when deciding on software. All that matters is that the features complement your company’s needs and help you thrive. 

The question is, which software will help you max out your efficiency level? That’s the software for you.

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