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The global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the massage therapy industry, as well as the wellness industry in general. 

One of the biggest impacts of the global pandemic on the massage therapy industry is the fact that today’s consumers now expect 24/6 online bookings, forcing the industry to adapt to the pandemic-driven digital evolution.

In fact, the latest studies have suggested that over 70% of appointments for wellness services, including massage services, are now booked online from mobile devices, and a huge majority of these happen outside business hours.

Meaning, if you are not offering 24/7 online booking on your massage services, you are potentially going to miss out on a lot of prospective clients. 

Nowadays, having an online booking functionality for your massage business is just as easy as choosing the right software solution to integrate into your website. Yet, choosing the right one according to your needs and budget can be easier said than done. 

With that being said, here we will discuss some of the most important features to consider when choosing the perfect massage scheduling software solution for your business, and let us begin right away. 

Identifying Your Unique Needs and Preferences

Before considering any massage scheduling software solution, you should first identify your business’s and clients’ unique needs so you can understand what kinds of online booking experience you’d like to give your clients. 

The idea is to choose your software solution based on these needs, and not the other way around. 

It’s crucial to understand that your massage scheduling software should be a long-term investment, so try to choose the right solution the first time around. While a trial-and-error approach is definitely viable, changing to another software solution can be time-consuming and expensive, and this may translate into another adaptation period for both your team and clients, which could be an inconvenience for your clients. 

Below we will discuss some of the example objectives of integrating an online booking solution so you can also figure out yours. 

Why Do You Need a Massage Scheduling Software Solution?

Here are some objectives you can consider when planning to integrate a massage software solution into your business:

  1. Get more appointments

Pretty self-explanatory, you’d want the massage scheduling software to help you secure more bookings for your massage services. The idea is that by accepting bookings 24/7, you allow prospective clients to book your service anytime and from any device. 

  1. Reduce no-shows and double bookings

By integrating a massage scheduling solution, you can provide more freedom to your clients so they can book their own reservations and choose their preferred time slots. By doing so, they are more likely to show up. You can also invest in an online booking solution capable of sending automated notifications, which is effective in reducing no-shows.

With a massage scheduling software solution in place, even when clients need to cancel their appointment, the spot will automatically open up for other clients to fill, and you can configure it so that the spot will automatically pass to the next in line in your waiting list. 

Ultimately this will allow you to maximize reservations. 

  1. Improve your team’s productivity

Having an online booking system in place by itself can significantly reduce your staff’s workloads by freeing them from the responsibility of answering reservation phone calls and manually adding a new booking to the schedule/calendar spreadsheet. You can allow your staff to put their time and efforts into more impactful tasks, which can improve your team’s morale and productivity. 

  1. Receiving secure online payments

An appropriate massage scheduling software solution should offer easy integrations with various relevant online payment options (PayPal, credit card, etc.), so you can start receiving secure online payments without needing to use additional third-party services. 

  1. More visibility to your business’s performance

With a massage scheduling software solution, you can have a clear audit trail of your reservations, and you may also get analytics and reporting features that you can use to monitor your business’s performance. 

Key Features To Look For In a Perfect Massage Scheduling Software

Now that you’ve identified your objective(s), you can start creating a checklist of the must-have features you’ll need in an online booking solution according to your purpose and objectives. 

Here are some top features to consider: 

  1. Interactive online calendar

Arguably the most important feature to look for in a massage scheduling software solution is the ability to create an interactive calendar where clients can easily view available time slots for the services and therapists they’d like and book the slot right away when they feel like it. 

  1. Customizability

A good massage scheduling software solution should offer a decent level of customizability, so you can add your business’s information, list your services (including prices for each), add photos/images, custom branding, and so on. 

  1. Automatic sync

Bookeo massage scheduling software,  for example, offers an online calendar function that can perform automatic update/sync. This way, when a client reschedules/cancels the appointment, your calendar will instantly be updated, and the time slot should instantly become available for other clients. A very important feature not only to improve user experience but also to maximize reservations. 

  1. Automatic reminders

Automatic reminds and notifications can significantly reduce no-shows, so don’t underestimate this feature. Automatic reminders can encourage clients to reschedule when it’s inevitable, which although not ideal, is still better than no-shows. 

  1. Customer support

Obviously, you may face technical hiccups and other issues when using the massage scheduling software. In such cases, reliable tech support can be quite beneficial. Check whether the vendor offers 24/7 customer support, and use the free-trial period (if any) to assess how friendly and helpful the tech support is.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how an online booking solution is great for both your massage business and your clients, it’s definitely time to invest in one. By investing in an appropriate massage scheduling and booking solution you can offer reliable 24/7 online booking and grow your massage business’s clientele and revenue.

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