Cloud Access Security Brokers – The Top 8 Industry Leaders

Cloud Access Security Brokers

There is an increased reliance on cloud services by businesses for various critical daily activities in accounting, communication, file management, marketing, among many more uses. Other enterprises perform almost every process on a cloud-hosted application. Cloud-based applications like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Office 365 empower the employees to have higher control of their work and be more productive while still allowing an efficient running of the business. Because of the Software as a Service nature of the cloud applications, it eases billing. Thus, the enterprise has greater control over the working and non-working cloud applications. As the organizations leverage the benefits of cloud applications, they also increasingly rely on cloud system security to protect personal information. Everything ranging from customer data, employee details, and financial records and statements is kept on the cloud.

Cloud Access Security Brokers – The Top 8 Industry Leaders

To ensure system security and that the business has visibility and control over its data, the enterprises use CASBs. They designed the services to interface the cloud application and the cloud service user ensuring proper enforcement of the security policies and activity monitoring.

CASB solutions ensure companies meet the compliance needs in policies to prevent data loss, enhance cloud visibility, and provide strong threat protection. They also enforce the policies for data security using access controls across the cloud. In this post, we will look at the top CASB leaders. We will perform a comparison of the key features, pricing, and usability, to ensure that you choose a good service for your business.

Top 8 CASBs

1. CipherCloud CASB+

This is a Cloud Access Security Broker solution that allows you to secure the data on the cloud. Using CipherCloud CASB+, you get improved visibility to cloud computing threats with endpoint-to-endpoint threat protection, compliance capabilities, and data protection. It improves your IT team’s control over the data kept in the cloud using various controls and policies for protecting the cloud applications. You can deploy CipherCloud CASB+ as a hybrid service or on the cloud, integrating it with an enterprise cloud application so that it can protect against various threats. This CASB solution offers continuous security layers; deep visibility, data protection, 0-day threat protection, adaptive access controls, and risk compliance.

CipherCloud CASB+ offers visibility to an enterprise’s data on the cloud and applications. It enables the security team to perform comprehensive risk assessments on the applications for you to detect and correct any potential risks efficiently and swiftly. This CASB solution also provides intelligence and auditing application usage and user behaviors. Thus, suspicious behaviors can be identified. CipherCloud CASB+ offers a range of access controls that ensure compliance and proper governing of cloud applications access. These access controls conduct a continuous risk evaluation of the users who connect to the application giving access with context and ensuring that only the allowed users can connect.

2. Forcepoint CASB

This is a powerful CASB solution that offers enhanced security to cloud applications. Hence the enterprises can enforce controls and analyze risks. It allows the IT team to find, assess, and protect the applications in the cloud. By using Forcepoint CASB services, your IT teams will have improved visibility into the cloud applications in use in our enterprise. It uses a contextual assessment of risks to evaluate application security and notify the administrators of risky configurations and users. Force point uses context-aware policy management and threat protection to shield the applications from cloud-based threats and malware.

To enhance the visibility of the applications, Forcepoint offers multiple features. It offers cloud application discovery that uses the log files for automating the categorization and discovery of the cloud applications. It also summarizes discovery reports in the central discovery dashboard. This CASB service offers advanced risk metrics having a detailed cloud App analysis of risks with customizable ratings. Thus, your IT team can assess the application’s security and gather the activity logs for various types of users. With Forcepoint, you get real-time monitoring and analytics. Thus, admins can monitor the users based on location, device, group, and application. It includes real-time monitoring of activities and automated anomaly detection.

3. Cisco Cloudlock

This is a cloud-native CASBs service that protects data, cloud applications, and users. It offers essential features that improve data, application security, and users. It uses machine learning to detect anomalies in the behavior and policies that control access management. Cloudlock keeps sensitive information in the cloud secure using data loss prevention. It offers policies that are customizable that IT teams can use to detect anomalies and secure the information. Cisco Cloudlock is API-based. Thus, it provides a simple way to manage security and secure access on cloud applications.

By securing the applications and data, Cisco Cloudlock prevents the attackers from compromising the accounts and causing a data breach. It uses DLPs that are configurable to prevent data loss. The DLP automates the protection of data and remediates these threats. It firmly secures user identity by using proper analytics for identifying malicious internal threats and accounts that have been compromised. It uses the Cloudlock Application firewall to detect, control, and protect the applications connected to the business environment. It assigns them crowdsources security score which allows the IT team to whitelist or ban quickly when needed. This is an open, automated, and simplified CASB. It offers visibility into the cloud-based cyber threats offering additional analytics and discovery. Using Cloudlock, admins can interrogate each application and vendor to see the risk details to ensure the security of the cloud adoption. Using Cisco Cloudlock, an organization can meet compliance and legal regulations.

4. Bitglass CASB

This is an all-in-one CASB solution providing end-to-end data protection throughout the managed and unmanaged applications in the cloud. Therefore, Bitglass can protect even the proprietary applications like AWS and Office 365 while protecting access and data to the unmanaged applications through devices belonging to a company, including social media accounts and personal file sharing. This CASB offers real-time protection to critical data while offering better visibility and admin control over the cloud applications.

It aggregates threat protection, data protection, visibility functionality, and access controls into one Cloud Access Security Broker platform.

The data protection features offered by Bitglass include the prevention of data leakage in real-time with quarantine policies and data reduction. The platform also offers secure mobile access, allowing the admins to wipe the corporation data, prevent unauthorized access to the system and enforce device policies from anywhere. It also uses field level and file encryption to secure the sensitive data stored on the cloud. Bitglass uses multiple authentication mechanisms to allow users into the system. Bitglass uses single sign-in, multi-factor authentication, and contextual controls to limit an account’s unauthorized access. It offers elaborate capabilities for threat protection. It leverages behavioral analytics to detect and remediate suspicious behaviors.

By partnering with multiple threat detection vendors, Bitglass can defend you against both known and unknown malware with the help of AI engines. It can detect threats during uploads, downloads, or at rest.

5. Microsoft Cloud App Security

This CASB solution improves the visibility, control, and protection of cloud applications. It natively integrates with the cloud apps from Microsoft, offering visibility into user behavior and threats, sophisticated analytics to face cyber threats, and greater data control across all cloud applications. It supports the Microsoft cloud suite, automates security processes, and offers centralized management. Its pricing varies based on the agreement type and program region.

Microsoft cloud Application Suite offers various features for protecting the cloud application suite from Microsoft. It offers more analytics that give the IT admins increased visibility over the applications hosted on the cloud that their organization uses. The analytics include business readiness and usage patterns offering support to over 16000 SaaS applications. With this CASB solution, you can use pre-built policies and controls to protect sensitive information on the cloud to manage data loss. The automated engines from Microsoft can detect any abnormal behavior across the applications on the cloud to identify malicious activities like bots and ransomware.

An organization that uses this CASB solution meets the compliance requirements by preventing data leaks and applying access limits to the regulated data. Using this CASB solution helps an organization integrate visibility into its cloud platform using Microsoft Cloud Discovery Technology. You can map and identify your organization’s applications across the cloud deployment. The CASB solution also offers policy controls for an organization to manage data gathering, detection, and remediation of threats. Microsoft Cloud App Security is among the leading CASB Solutions with the largest customer bases taking advantage of the Microsoft brand and the integrations with Office 365.

6. McAfee MVISION Cloud

McAfee is a well-known security company globally that offers enterprise CASB suite and data security solutions. MVISION is their elaborate CASB solution that aids the customers enhance visibility, data security, compliance, and threat protection within the cloud applications. It also offers robust cloud applications data security, automated threat protection on the cloud applications. MVISION’s key uses are to protect data are enforcement of policies to prevent data loss, detection of malware and compromised accounts. It gives enterprises greater visibility to their applications. MVISION uses a policy engine (unified) to apply policies for data protection on cloud services. It allows the users to create their policies and customize them depending on the compliance needs of the industry and the business regulations.

MVISION is an industry-leading CASB solution. It is suited to use cases and enterprise needs over many industries. It has an elaborate dashboard with policies for data protection that users can customize for easy management and control of cloud applications. This CASB solution is an essential tool for enforcing security measures and ensuring encryption and threat protection are properly delivered across all cloud services.

7. Symantec CloudSOC

This CASB solution has multiple features. It offers cloud usage analytics, analysis of malware, assessment of cloud applications, and remediation. It is an elaborate platform for cloud application security, including real-time detection of threats, auditing, data loss protection, after incident analysis, and data compliance. CloudSOC allows enterprises to respond to security incidents, effectively safeguard their data, and threat protection on the cloud application.

It offers admins more visibility and control of the cloud IT deployments.

It uses machine learning and Symantec’s threat intelligence for automatically triggering policy responses. SOC teams can analyze all the cloud applications, manage how the data is governed, policy controls, and threat protection. The CASB solution enables safe use and control of the cloud application using DLP and threat protection to secure confidential data on the SaaS platform. It uses API integration to prevent security incidences. The secure file sharing and use of the cloud are enhanced using user behavioral analytics. CloudSOC uses Symantec Email Security to augment the above integrations.

8. Netskope Security Cloud Platform

This is an industry-leading CASB solution that allows IT teams to manage the organization’s usage of cloud applications. It prevents the loss of data from both internal and external threats. The CASB solution allows the administrators to set security policies and see the enterprise’s threat landscape. They designed Netskope to protect cloud services like G Suite, AWS, and Office 365. This CASB solution offers elaborate security across the services on the cloud to secure them against malware and other cloud threats.

Using the Netskope Cloud Platform, an IT team can discover and evaluate the vulnerabilities in their organization’s cloud and SaaS applications. It allows the users to control and target activities across various services on the cloud with enhanced controls and policies for data protection. Using Netskope, an organization gets a formidable threat protection feature. It has over 40 threat intelligence feeds to identify malicious websites, detect abnormal behavior, and remediate malware on the cloud.


With many businesses shifting to the cloud, security is nowadays a primary concern. Cloud Access Security Brokers offer a wide range of features to protect a business against various security threats. The good thing is, there are an array of CASB solutions that an organization can choose from. User and enterprise data are of utmost importance, and their protection and security are of utmost importance. Choose any of the above Cloud Access Security Brokers to secure it.

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