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Are you a content writer? Do you want to boost your work speed? Are you having a hard time submitting revised work? If your answer is yes, you might be struggling with the rewriting process. 

It has become common to get work in revision from manual proofreading or from customers to make it unique. Paraphrasing is the only technique to get the task done and fulfill someone’s requirements related to content. 

It is not an easy task now to write 100% unique content because the internet has vast data related to every topic. You can’t be creative enough to write something that has not come into someone’s thoughts before. 

According to internet live stats, more than 2 billion websites are live on the internet. Therefore, it is not easy to think out of the box and write such a masterpiece that has no matches on the internet. 

In short, you can say that paraphrasing is a must-have skill that you know or learn as a content writer. But it takes much time to rewrite even a few lines to make them unique. 

Don’t worry because we have wrapped up the solution in this blog. Here we have discussed some top tools that you can use to reframe your content to make it unique. 

Why is it important to rewrite content?

Before you go to the list of our selected AI-based paraphrasing tools, you must know why it is important. It will help you to understand that you need to rewrite your content at any cost. 

First of all, no one wants to get DMCA strikes from the search engine or anyone on the internet. It will impact the rankings of a website badly and never let a blog stand in the top position. 

Content is the core thing on which someone can take DMCA and ask the search engine to take your website down. You must be looking to avoid such conditions which are only possible by providing unique content. 

So, you must have to check your content uniqueness and rewrite it accordingly to make it unique. Secondly, the written blog is the only way to engage the audience on your platform and get higher conversions. 

When you are writing copied content and someone has found you in this regard, he will never come to your website and recommend it to anyone. In this way, you will face de-ranking in your website’s position due to less engagement. 

Due to these main two reasons, you should remove duplicates from your work and make it unique at any cost. Now, you have got an in-depth overview of this fact and are looking to learn about some tools to help you in this regard. Let’s get a look at the following sections for this. 

Top 4 AI-based Paraphrasing Tools 

No doubt, there are hundreds of paraphrasing tools available on the internet. But you should not rely on any tool unless it has the best features to provide you with better outcomes. 

An AI-based paraphrasing tool is the best of all because it will understand the core meanings of your content and rewrite it according to NLP. So, you can say that this tool will work like a human brain for the rewriting process. 

That’s why we have enlisted only the 4 best tools based on AI algorithm. By using any of these, you can easily paraphrase the text and use it even without focusing on proofreading as it will keep the core meanings and intentions in the new text. 

  • Paraphraser 

When it comes to the AI-based paraphrasing tools list, no tool can beat the rank of It is one of the best tools we have ever used for rewriting blogs, lines, papers, and assignments. 

The tool has been designed with an efficient algorithm that can analyze the content on a human level. It will first check your content to understand the core meanings and then rewrite it accordingly by choosing the best match from its database. 

This rewriting tool has three different working modes that you can choose with a single tap on the screen. No doubt, the analysis and algorithm in all modes are the same but the word selection is different when it comes to rewriting. 

So, you must have to choose the concerned mode as per your work sensitivity. Abide by this, the tool will give you a side by side display of original and paraphrased text for better comparison. 

It will highlight all those words that have been replaced in the rewriting process from the original text. In turn, it would be simple and easy for you to check all those terms and estimate whether the tool has done right or not. 

The only issue with this tool is advertisement banners. It means you must have to see advertisements on your screen to use it as a free user. If you want to get them removed, you must have to buy their subscription. 

  • Rephrase 

In the second position, we have which has a similar interface to the above tool. It also has three working modes from which you can choose any one as per your work requirements. 

But the main feature of this tool is multi-lingual working. It means that the tool can rewrite text written in languages other than English. It has been designed with around 10 languages in its dropdown menu. 

You only have to choose your concerned language if available in its list. After that, you will not get any issues while using this tool because it would be simple to understand.

The tool has been designed with a user-friendly interface to let everyone use it without hurdles. All in all, this tool has a perfect interface as well as an algorithm to rewrite the content and make it unique for further use. 

The only issue with this tool is the word count limit. Yes, you can’t rewrite more than 500 words in a single turn using this tool as a free user. But the issue of advertisement banner has been resolved in it. 

It means you don’t have to check for advertisements while using this tool even as a free user. 

  • Paraphraseingtool

If the word count is the main issue for you, here is the tool to get it resolved. Normally, people just want to rewrite a few sentences or passages with this type of tool. 

But you may be looking to rewrite a blog with a tool and make it ready to publish on the internet. If yes, here is the tool with a limit of 7000 characters to be rewritten in a single turn. 

Yes, you can paraphrase around 7000 characters using this tool with a few clicks. You only have to insert the text that you want to be rewritten by this tool. 

After that, you have to enter the code shown on your screen to let the tool start working. In a few minutes, you will be shown the rewritten text that you can easily copy with a single tap of your mouse.

Overall, the tool has been designed with a simple interface and fast working method with a vast word count limit. But it has some issues like language restriction, single-mode working or downloading button unavailability. 

Due to all these reasons, we have ranked it in the third position instead of above ranks. 

  • Paraphrasing

If you want to get your hands on paraphrasing as well as utilize different options from the same tool, it would help you in this regard. This paraphrasing tool will help you in rewriting as well as choosing different options like summarize, article rewriting, and readability checker from the same window. 

In simple words, you can perform different actions on the same content from the same screen and tool. This is the reason why we have ranked it among other AI-based paraphrasing tools.

To use this tool, you won’t have to be an experienced person. It will never ask you to follow complex steps as it is designed in a one-tap working manner. 

The tool has a maximum word count limit of 500 words along with an advertisement display for free users. These are the two main reasons to rank it in the last position on our list. 

Final Wrapping 

With the above discussion, we are sure that you have understood the importance of paraphrasing. Also, you must have got an idea about the best AI-based paraphrasing tools to utilize in your task.

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