Startup Website Design: Beautiful Startup Websites That Will Inspire You

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In the early days of the internet, a business could easily make an online presence by building a website. Amazon is a prime example. However, the story is different today. There is increased use and emergence of advanced technologies, increasing the competition among the enterprise. There is a race to be ranked better by a search engine, making it necessary to have a responsive, user-friendly, appealing website. It is hard for a startup to meet its goals using conventional application ideas. Whether a web app or a mobile application, the startup needs to think out of the box. The startup’s ability to have more extensive customer engagements, automate and streamline business processes, improves the rate of conversions, and boost revenues, can only be achieved through a solution-centric website.

Startup Website Design Beautiful Startup Websites That Will Inspire you

As an entrepreneur, to increase marketability and establish your brand, you need to offer something unique. The startup’s idea has to catch the attention of as many users online as possible, be it through the use of the latest technology, to use a lavishing idea, or to have a remarkable business model. Many web development services have joined the market to help startups become more visible online. So how can a startup pull this off? Below are some tips that you can use to come up with a stunning website that is attracting customers and drives conversions higher.

Web Design Tips for a Startup

Craft a design strategy

The web design process can be both tedious and intimidating. The startup needs to develop a strategy to use when the development stage comes to make it manageable. Below are some of the essential questions that the startup needs to answer to have an excellent strategy;

• What objectives does the startup have? Does It want to drive the conversion rates higher?

• What does the startup want to communicate with the people browsing their site?

• Who primarily visits the site? What kind of information do they need?

• What product or services will the startup be dealing with?

Jot down the answers to the above questions. The answers form the results that we can build the startup website on. When you write the answers down, you prevent losing sight and getting carried away when designing the website or attending to other aspects to get the startup running. To make it even more competitive, look at a competing startup’s website to understand what works and what does not.

Ensure that you have an intuitive navigation

Not only should your navigation be functional, but it should also be simple. Design the navigation in a way that people find whatever they are looking for with ease.

Through one click, a person should be able to find whatever that they are looking for. Besides ensuring user-friendliness, this is an essential aspect of SEO that helps your site to b better ranked on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The menu must be within the website’s color scheme. You want stand-out navigation, not a jarring one. A fitting and coherent menu helps your startup website to stand up from the rest. Besides the color scheme, the choice of font matters for the navigation menu. The design should use a readable font that ensures that the visitors see the entries.

Give your design a good UX

In web design, UX is an acronym for User Experience. The startup’s customers expect the website to have a good user experience and be functioning well. Ensure that all the links are working and the website’s load time is short. Studies show that people prefer websites that load fast (within two seconds). When a website takes a long time to load, it drives potential customers away. Thus, such a website does not improve the startup’s conversions and affects the traffic, making the startup lose profits and other metrics like CTR. Ultimately, a slow-loading website will not rank well on the search engine results page.

The other UX aspect that a startup’s website should have is responsiveness. Users should be able to access the site regardless of their device, be it a PC, desktop, or smartphone. The image sizes should resize based on various degrees of compression.

The startup should use CSS and JavaScript externally to reduce the duplication of scripts. We should implement caching on the startup’s website for storing the static resources. These will help reduce the lag on the server that increases the page load speed on the website.

Use a simple color palette

Having many colors on a website can be confusing. It can also affect your branding. Think of how many colors that you want the startup’s website to have. We design many websites to use two colors. The startup’s website color scheme must rhyme with its brand for easier recognition and marketing. It also ensures that potential customers do not get confused.

Benefits of a website for a startup

You can not claim to have a startup, but it does not have a website. With most of the population today spending time on the internet, it is the best place to market your Ideas. A website helps you do just that. Below are some benefits that a startup gets when it has a well-designed website.

A website gives the startup an online presence

As we have seen above, millions of people spend a good chunk of their time surfing the internet. Based on your product or service, these are prospective customers. Studies have shown that businesses having a website have better chances of success than those that do not. A website is critical in promoting the startup’s brand online. Whether a new startup or an established business, you cannot overlook a website’s importance at diving conversions and attention to an enterprise.

It gives the startup a competitive edge

On the internet, businesses play the same game using the same rules. Regardless of the size of your startup, you can compete with established enterprises. The website puts you on the same footing with experienced companies, and your mastery of Search Engine Optimization makes the difference. Designing the startup’s website according to the tips above and giving it some SEO efforts can make you a step ahead of your competitors.


There is a misguided myth that it is costly to have a website. Looking at its benefits, you may realize that the bucks you spend to set it up and the number of engagements and conversion that a website drives to a startup is well worth every dollar. On the internet, the face of your startup is that website. A well-designed website creates a strong relationship between the startup and its clients.

Improving the startup profile and trust

A website affects a startup in various ways. It creates credibility, reputation, and trust among the customers. Potential clients can look at your past dealings and base their decision-making on them. When a client sees the review of another happy client that the startup served, they are highly likely to trust the business. An excellent website gives a good impression of the startup. It shows the clients that the startup is both innovative and savvy in solving their needs. The most important thing to a business is credibility. Every customer or client considers it. Today, a website tells your customers that you are offering legitimate and authentic services or products.

Generation of leads, global audience, and customer feedback

The best way for the startup to generate leads and feedback from its customers is by using a website. The startup can conduct reviews and online surveys to gauge its customer expectations. This information is crucial for a startup at it can align its development plan with customer requirements. The other benefit of a startup having a website is a global audience. The internet has no limitations. Thus, through a website, you can have customers and new ideas from global sources. It makes your startup visible internationally.

Beautiful startup websites that will inspire you


Limepay is an Australian startup that brings customers and businesses closer by facilitating payments. Limepay’s website uses a color scheme that is attractive to its users. The designers of the site did their best to make it come to life using the right colors. It has a pulsating graphic that one can not forget. Limepay uses a legible font throughout, and they organize the text into various headers. Navigation on this site is top class. The navigational menu is placed strategically and spaced at a location where any user can see it. This website feels like a three-dimensional one. It has nice animations that one can see while scrolling through. The color scheme makes Limepay stand out.


Donut is a startup website whose objective helping people save money. Thus, you can use the excess cash to save up and, you get a high yield. Donut ensures that your money is invested and safe, ensuring that you earn some interest. Donut uses a minimalist web design. It uses a minimalist design that is clean and appealing. They designed their call to action button in such an enticing model that all you want to do is click it. The takeaway from this website includes; clear heading, clean web design, and an intriguing button design.


Primer has what we can regard as a model website for any startup. The website offers kids a place to explore their curiosity. The website uses the new single-page format where you need to scroll down and find the next section. It reduces the time to load the links, saving a user’s bandwidth and time. What is even more appealing is the way they showcase their benefits on their landing page. Through this, the website ensures that a user does not leave before seeing what the product is capable of. The website has a minimal design, a simple call to action, and displays the product above the fold.


Easytrax is a startup website that deals in GPS tracking and fleet management. It fulfills business requirements like; fleet security and management, fuel management, driver identification, work order management, and cold supply chain.

The web design used is playful and eye-catching. It uses a light color scheme, pictorials, and images to keep the pages attractive. Their website uses a minimalistic design, enabling a customer to find what they require in record time. On their website, Easytrax has posted social proof and confirmation that the government of Bangladesh has approved them. This concept enforces trust just by looking at the website. From this startup website, we can learn illustrations, shapes displayed by border radii, and clean web design. There is a testimonial section on this website. It allows the users to give their feedback and criticism that can help propel the startup to new heights.


Financial technology is among the sectors that are growing at a very high rate. Utrust is a fintech startup that aims to ease the payment processes. It uses an animated design on its landing page to show how beneficial it is. The color selection is top class, removing any confusion on the customers. The navigational menu is simple and strategically placed to allow the customers to navigate the site easily. The site uses the popular single-page design. All sections are stacked hierarchically as you scroll down the landing page. Besides the animations, the website also uses clear and concise explanations of the various product benefits, making the users understand each product.

VC Swipe

Talk of website design that inspires? VC swipe is a “sight to behold”. Its color scheme is simple but appealing. It uses animations that make the site look like a three-dimensional one. It explains its core functionalities clearly that any user that lands on it would understand. When we talk of a website that leaves a lasting impression on a user’s mind, the Swipe should be at the top of the list. However, designing and developing such a site may take time and resources.


With the high number of internet users, a startup has to leverage the benefits of using a website to realize profits. There are many advantages of owning a website for a startup, as we have seen above. The online population is an important statistic to add to conversions for a startup. In the section above, we have seen beautiful startup websites that inspire how they have applied various tips.

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