The 10 Best 3D Interior Design Rendering Services and Tools

3d interior design

Interior design rendering is the process through which architects, interior designers, and other professionals produce 3D images to interior design ideas. 3D interior rendering offers a realistic presentation of the item being displayed artistically. Furthermore, the 3D interior rendering shows the position of appliances, structural components, and furniture in the proposed space.

Without a doubt, interior design is a reliable and huge industry. To compete and be the best in this industry, you will require the top 3D rendering services and tools. In a nutshell, interior rendering helps you show your clients the different options of the proposed space, giving them the freedom to choose the aspects of your work that works well for them.

What are the Benefits of 3D Interior Design Rendering?

As part of the design process, real estate developers see many benefits when using 3D interior Rendering. 3D rendering interior design allows you to show you and your client’s ideas more compellingly. Unlike 2D rendering that finds it hard to handle complex interior designs, 3D rendering can handle all interior designs.

Here are some of the benefits of 3D interior design rendering:

Brings Precision

In 3D interior design rendering, there is less room for misunderstandings. For instance, the use of sketches a while back caused many misunderstandings among involved parties. With 3D rendering, everyone gets to see everything, and realistic expectations are shared.

It is Cost-effective

Previously, interior designers relied on time-consuming methods. With technological advancement, 3D visuals have become more accessible than ever. Right now, you can use interior visualization to display the idea of a designer to the clients with more precision and effectiveness.

Nowadays, complicated interior renderings take less time to process, helping increase efficiency. Besides, 3D renderings allow a designer to identify mistakes in a layout and make corrections before completing the final product.

Boosts Marketing and Sales

A picture speaks more than words. What interior rendering does is providing a realistic look into a proposed space. A more realistic look offers a client comfort and familiarity with the purchase. For interior designers, they can use 3D renderings for marketing luxury and interior residential projects.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Using 3D imagery helps enhance customer satisfaction and helps them know what to expect. Using 3D renderings, interior designers can develop virtual reality views, presentations, 360-degrees photos, animated videos in spaces, and quality videos to help connect with their clients.

Enhances Visual Communication

While words may not be enough to explain something, images speak louder than words. Most people see things in a better way when they have more visualization than having to imagine. Before the project is started, everyone must see what the building will look like once completed.

With any professional interior services, such as XO3D, you can easily show what the project will look like from start to completion.


If you know to use 3D rendering, you can start your project to help save time. With 3D interior rendering, you have the power to visualize different designs of the same space. This will help save time the time that could have been used to re-think the interior design. 3D Interior Rendering is replacing the use of traditional mood boards.

What makes 3D rendering preferable is because it offers a clearer vision of the interior design. Still, mood boards can be used by 3D artists to help create the vision.

What are the 10 Best 3D Interior Design Rendering Tools and Services?

Interior designers use 3D interior design rendering tools and services to enhance customer experience. If you are one of those interior designers, you are in the right place. To attract customers, you must know what interior rendering design is and how it can benefit your business.

Below, we have the 10 best 3D interior design rendering services and tools that you as a designer can use to showcase your talent.

1. Real-Visuals

For an interior designer who works with real-estate marketing clients, Real-Visuals are the best option. Besides being professionals in architectural visualization, they offer walkthroughs and animations that provide clients with a detailed representation of the design.

Moreover, Real-Visuals offer a better way to showcase your design than building a virtual tour of the product. They have 3D laser scanners that scan on-site and offer accurate 3D visuals to satisfy all the parties involved. Everyone involved in the project can share ideas and see what is going to work and not. This way, everyone is satisfied.

Real-Visuals provide a professional service, thanks to their passionate team and use of advanced art technology. What most interior designers love about Real-Visuals is how they stand for precision, quality, and flexibility.

2. Rendering House

This online tool provides multiple apps to interior designers to come up with multiple design visuals. Rendering House has a simple-to-use rendering engine that makes it easy for clients to use the tool. The rendering engine allows colors, materials, or furniture options to be removed and populated in realistic spaces.

With this tool, any designer can create accurate spaces fast and easily. The tool is excellent for any interior designer on a budget, and its simplicity makes it great for both beginners and professionals.

3. SketchUp

Sketchup was designed in 2000 to make 3D modeling fast and easy. The software is commonly used by interior designers, architects, civil engineers, and landscape architects. It is simple to learn, has a user-friendly interface, and provides a free web-based trial version that helps designers learn all the basics of 3D modeling.

SketchUp is well suited to interior designers, and it enables users to plan and create precise 3D models using an extensive object library. With this software, users can turn 3D into 2D presentations and provide clients with quality virtual walkthroughs. Because SketchUp is web-based, designers can use it both on Mac and Windows.

Besides, users can import or export different graphic file types, view 3D models on smartphones, and enjoy free cloud storage. With their unlimited cloud storage, you can store, collaborate, and share your work.

4. VRAY for 3D Rendering Services

VRAY is excellent software used for rendering, and it is an important tool used by professional artists and large businesses. From living space to the workplace, designers rely on this 3D rendering tool to picture the best interiors in the world. Interior designers can use it to render photorealistic interiors, materials, and real lighting.

Interior designers rely on this rendering tool because it is simple to use. It has quick presets and intuitive controls that will have you rendering within a short period. VRAY rendering software uses advanced CPU and GPU hardware that helps designers make design decisions fast and render with no time. Moreover, whether you are a beginner or professional designer, VRAY will handle both simple and complex projects.

The unique thing about this software is that it can be integrated with rendering software and tools, such as 3DS Max, SketchUp, and Rhino. Still, interior designers can communicate different designs effectively, and everyone is involved in the project to see what works.

The only drawback is that this tool is not budget-friendly, but it is worth every penny. Interior designers need training so that they can smoothly work with this advanced 3D rendering software.

5. Maxwell for 3D rendering

Maxwell Render is an interior design rendering tool designed to help designers, architects, and artists visualize their projects accurately without taking much time. This tool is user-friendly, making it suitable for beginner and professional designers. Maxwell Render offers an abundance of features and simplicity required by every interior designer.

With its photorealistic animations, you will see what the project will be like before it is completed. It is one of the simple rendering tools architectural and interior design professionals use when rendering and later advancing to complex software. Maxwell Render has committed customer support that helps you if you experience any issues with the software.

Maxwell Render was slow a while back, but the story changed when they started using an advanced multi-GPU core that now offers final results fast and accurately. With the wide range of essentials and advanced features, you can rest assured that you are getting a tool that will provide the best experience.

The only problem with this tool is that it can be slow at rendering for some designers. However, it is still used by many designers for its attractive photorealistic renderings.

6. Blender 3D Rendering Software

Currently, Blender 3D is the most popular and fastest-growing rendering tool. It is an open-source 3D editor that is suitable for interior designers or small businesses operating independently. This tool is free for life, whether you want to use it for rendering, animation, rigging, simulation, video editing, or modeling. With its powerful rendering engine, Blender 3D provides reliable and stunning rendering.

Blender 3D rendering provides several free character downloads, libraries, and tutorials. You can take advantage of Blender’s cloud library that comes with a plethora of textures. You can take your best pick from clouds, humans, nature, wood, body parts, and many more.

Learning how to use this tool will give any designer multiple concepts and fundamental skills applicable to other 3D software products. Overall, this is a powerful tool that requires no payment or licensing, and it can be a good start for individual designers and small businesses.

7. RoomSketcher

If you are an interior designer who loves taking a hands-on approach to your projects, RoomSketcher is the best. You can use RoomSketcher as an entry point to producing realistic 3D renderings. It has an online app called RoomSketcher App that allows designers to take charge and populate 3D spaces with a library of preset colors, textures, and furniture pieces.

There are multiple tools in the app, and they offer designers more control when showing clients the hard work they have put into their projects. You can use it to create live 3D walkthroughs and quality 2D & 3D floor plans to show properties to potential clients.

With RoomSketcher, you get the opportunity to communicate your interior design ideas more professionally. Moreover, you can use it to create attractive 3D photos and 360-degree videos to help visualize the project and show your idea more realistically. The 3D photos and 360-degrees videos are beneficial for your contractors and clients.

8. RayVat Intelligent Outsourcing

RayVat is a known industry in providing budget-friendly interior renderings by contracting out work overseas. They work primarily with interior designers, engineers, and architects, with a high success rate. Their projects go through the door without any revisions or modifications from the customer. If you are looking for a better option for outsourcing 3D rendering work, RayVat is the best.

9. CGTrader

Interior designers depend on the ability to populate the room with beautiful furniture. However, getting the best 3D models for furniture can be hard. Now that’s where the services of CGTrader come in. CGtrader acts like a digital warehouse that sells licenses to jobs uploaded by artists worldwide. They have a massive database, and they are worth considering.

Furthermore, they have 3D reusable models and can be placed in different visualizations you know will work well.

10. Lumion 3D Rendering

Lumio is a good tool that adds value to the design process, and it always leaves an interior designer surprised. Lumion makes the interior designing process simple from the moment you import the model until you render 360 panoramas or beautiful images.

Take advantage of over 1250 materials and 6300 objects in the Content Library. They will help bring interior, exteriors, urban projects, and landscapes back to life. Moreover, you can express emotion and beauty with over 60 cinematic effects.

Using the amazing features, tools, and extensive content library, you can show your urban designs, exterior, interior, or landscape with no limit. Whatever design you imagine, you can easily render in Lumion.

When it comes to licensing, you get a Lumion License. With the license, there is no limit to what you imagine, render, or achieve.

Therefore, with Lumion 3D Rendering, you get the opportunity to communicate real-life possibilities of your design ideas same as 360 panoramas, videos, and images do.


Overall, with the best 3D interior design rendering tools and services, you can sell your designs by conveying ideas to your clients. In the guide above, we have the best tools and services dedicated to offering quality and professional renderings that will help you reach your customers fast and in a cost-effective way.

With a good 3D rendering tool or service, you can show your clients different options of space in question and allow them to choose what aspects of your work they like. In rendering, there is more visual communication, cost-efficiency, a show of options, saving time, precision, and straightforward explanations. Therefore, invest in something that will bring positive results and help you reach clients faster.

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