The 11 Best Massage Scheduling Software & Apps in 2022

In the services sector, scheduling and other administrative tasks can either make or break a company and its reputation. Clients do not want to feel unheard and overlooked, and a lack in the quality of such services can easily steer them towards competitors. Managing other aspects of the business while also worrying about client scheduling can require a lot of time and dedication. You can always take the conventional route and hire a receptionist to perform this duty. On the other hand, technology allows you to avoid the expense or hassle of hiring another staff member and replace it with a cost-effective massage scheduling software or application.

What is Massage Scheduling Software?

Massage scheduling software or application is designed to help independent massage center owners seamlessly handle their day-to-day operations. This includes managing their calendars, acquiring feedback from clients, processing service payments, and advertising their services. These applications and software help owners assess employee productivity, keep track of people who didn’t show up, receive reminders, and manage product inventory.

With the help of this software, your massage clients can easily book, change, or cancel appointments online without having to interact with an employee. This gives them more control and makes for a convenient user experience.

Benefits of Using a Massage Scheduling Software

A massage or therapy center can take its business dealings to the next level with a scheduling system. Here are some of the ways it can prove to be beneficial to the business:

Improved client engagement

No customer wants to wait long hours before finally getting to their appointment. Upon glancing at a crowded room full of impatient clients, some customers might not want to deal with the hassle and leave. This not only drives away potential clients but can also lead to negative word of mouth. With massage scheduling software, customers can book slots from the comfort of their homes and make sufficient changes depending on their other commitments. It is an excellent way to deal with the crowd in your massage facility and, at the same time, ensures a satisfying customer experience.

Better Inventory Management

With the help of API integration and the CRM system provided by the scheduling software, a company can proactively handle the needs of its clients and other business activities. Such software has the capacity to input all client and equipment details, such as available slots, massage equipment required, inventory, and staff details. Moreover, you can keep a close eye on the inventory and receive reminders when you are about to run out of stock. This can help avoid any miscommunication and prevent the customer from having a poor experience.

Higher Employee Productivity

Massage center employees usually have to deal with a variety of customers on a daily basis, which can be quite a tiring process. This can induce exhaustion and pressure, leading to high levels of frustration and possibly lost productivity. To counter this problem, installing massage scheduling software can be the perfect solution. Not only will it take care of all the tiring and monotonous work, but it will also allow employees to focus more on other aspects of the business, which can improve the overall quality of the service.

Appointment mismanagement typically leads to customer criticism. However, this discontent can be mitigated with the right massage scheduling software. Below we have compiled a list of the 11 best massage scheduling software and applications. This information can help you make a worthwhile investment, thereby allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

1.     Bookeo

Bookeo is a simple yet powerful scheduling software that offers a full stack of booking and reservation systems suited for any type of business. It can schedule client appointments, process payments, send automatic reminders, and push promotional material for your company. With Bookeo, you will have access to appointment bookings and payments 24/7 and can communicate with clients more effectively by showing them your real-time availability. This software works internationally and offers a wide range of customization options so your booking page can attract as many clients as possible. The platform also provides the option of embedding a widget into your company’s website to allow customers to make bookings without leaving the website and without any overlays or pop-up windows. You can also opt for the standalone booking page, where you can paste your page URL into your business card, email signature, or online accounts. Last but not least, Bookeo helps your business connect with all the helpful tools that will make your business operations a lot smoother and faster. These include WordPress, Wix, Zoom, and PayPal, amongst others.

2.     Setmore

Setmore is a massage scheduling software that offers round-the-clock automated online bookings with highly intuitive features like drag and drops for reserving an appointment. To reach a wider target audience, Setmore has a built-in 1-click Teleport or Zoom option that allows your business to get in touch with global clients via video meetings. Another cool feature is you can accept payments in advance without having to chase after your clients.

3.     SimplyBook.Me provides a wide array of scheduling services to massage salons, enabling them to keep up with their clients and effectively manage the business at the same time. It allows you to benefit from a website where you can display your business and make appointments, sell services and membership, as well as make both online and offline payments. In addition to that, the software allows you to schedule appointments via popular online calendars and receive detailed analytics regarding your own company based on client engagement. is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses as it allows them to manage all subsystems with the help of the same admin interface.

4.     MassageBook

This software is designed to assist in managing a massage business so that you can make the most out of your company resources. With a user-friendly dashboard coupled with easy scheduling tools, you can make customized rules and organize different client appointments with the help of color coding. Not only does MassageBook help connect better with clients, but also other massage centers and masseuses in the market. This can help you get more insights into your competitors and even reach a wider audience. The cloud-based execution that the software offers allows you to access it from any part of the world as long as you can access the website. There are different special apps specifically designed for Android and iOS, which allows comprehensive client appointment management, trial management, and much more.

5.     Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a simple and straightforward massage scheduling tool that is ideal for any massage business. You can decide your own business hours, create availability based on rules, and make a dedicated client booking site so that people can make reservations whenever it’s convenient for them. This application is available for download on both iOS and Android with a very mobile-friendly interface and multiple-device compatibility. To help reach out to global clients, Acuity allows automatic adjustment of time zones. It can easily adapt to any business type, integrate its online payment system, sync its calendars and provides a data storage system that is regulated by HIPAA.

6.     Vagaro

Vagaro is yet another massage scheduling software that provides round-the-clock client management through online reservations as well as customized scheduling solutions. In addition to that, it offers management tools to allow the smooth running of your business and the right marketing tools to build a strong brand reputation and client base.

The software can be linked with the company’s payment processing system and provide integrated booking via Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform. It also allows you to add your personal business website with a dedicated booking tool for easier appointments. This means that the company can send push and text notifications to its clientele for more direct and clear communication. Lastly, you can also benefit from Vagaro’s special app that allows face-to-face communication with your clients. The reporting dashboard and appointment forms are also customizable, which allows the business to add its personal touch to the overall layout.

7.     Mindbody

The Mindbody massage scheduling application also allows businesses to deal efficiently with appointments for a better customer experience. Originally created for fitness and health centers, the application also offers a perfect tool for the massage industry. It enables companies to carry out daily administrative tasks smoothly and even offers customizable options for the dashboard, including reporting, calendars, and much more.

Although the application has a more premium monthly subscription compared to other platforms, it is ideal for companies that are operating on a large scale and require more comprehensive solutions. It offers customization, is 100% digital and cloud-based, and ideally fits all the requirements of massage service companies.

8.     Fresha

Unlike other options on the list, Fresha offers a massage scheduling solution to companies for free. It is also one of the most popular options that are being used in the industry currently. To start off, the software offers a high level of customization and color-coding, which makes the process much more fun and effective. It also allows employees to analyze sales patterns, handle clients, and connect it with other payment tools and solutions.

Fresha provides a highly professional calendar option combined with a customizable client-facing reservation engine. You can benefit from multi-device compatibility and also switch smoothly from mobile to desktop and vice versa. The analytics tool that comes built-in with the software also enables you to keep proper track of your time and ensure that the business is being handled efficiently. If you wish to benefit from its premium feature, you will have to pay a small fee per transaction made.

9.     Schedulicity

Schedulicity is a scheduling application designed to help massage businesses perform their daily operations a lot more smoothly and productively. It can be installed on both iOS and Android devices and allows companies to create client appointments 24/7. In addition to that, it also automatically blacklists people who often book but do not show up, thereby saving the business a lot of time. It can be linked with the massage parlor’s payment tools as well as other software and can also be used with other marketing tools to build the brand reputation. You can expect automatic notifications, reminders, and also birthday wishes to ensure that the business processes continue to run smoothly even in your absence. You can take advantage of waitlists, customized forms, and policies for reservations and deposits.

10.  Schedulista

Schedulista provides access to a comprehensive client appointment system that can be used to create customized scheduling rules. The application is very simple, user-friendly, and easy to understand, which can make your business operations all the more fast and effective. It is best suited for businesses that are looking to enhance time management and automation, as Schedulista offers all the right features. These include automated notifications sent either by email or text message, real-time scheduling updates, and adjustments, along with comprehensive reporting analytics for enhanced efficiency.

11.  Square Appointments

Square Appointments is perhaps one of the most user-friendly software available for all your massage scheduling needs. It has the capacity to connect with all the current tools that you might be using for greater ease and convenience. With this software, you can also benefit from a tailored booking system that allows for customized scheduling depending on your availability and other set rules. If you are a sole business owner and require the service of a calendar, you can practically use Square Appointments for free. It also offers tools of its own that can be integrated with the scheduling software. In fact, ease of integration is one of the most desirable features of Square Appointments.


If you own a massage business and find it difficult to keep up with the customer demands, perhaps it is time to invest in high-quality scheduling software. The right tool can completely change the course of your business by improving its daily operations, increasing employee morale, and enhancing client engagement. Digital platforms also eliminate room for human error and can provide a 24/7 scheduling service for clients globally, thereby increasing your brand outreach. Knowing the best platforms available in the market today can help you make a more informed decision, so make sure to do your research beforehand.

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