The 14 Best Online Booking Software & Apps in 2024

Are you the busiest person in the world or something close to it and need a way to track your tasks? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem in the 21st century with so many apps and software out there.

Today, scheduling meetings and other business activities with pen and paper, or even via email, phone, or Excel spreadsheet, is cliche. Successful businesses rely on top-tier appointment scheduling applications for everything from client booking and management to invoicing and payment processing.

In this post, I’ll show you some of the best online booking software and apps in 2024 to grow your business. With these apps, you’ll get top-notch business organization services to grow in your industry.

What Is an Appointment Scheduling App?

An appointment scheduling app does several tasks in organizing your business from the comfort of your phone or system. With an appointment scheduling app, businesses can: –

  • promote available appointment times
  • accept reservations for those times
  • keep track of details like price, cancellations, and client information all in one convenient web spot.

Appointment apps are SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. They often allow customers to sign up for free or pay a monthly fee to gain access to all of their features. Appointments may be made by users via a front-end portal, and the schedule can be managed by administrators via a back-end interface. This is possible because the applications are hosted and published online.

Features an Appointment Scheduling App or Software Should Have

Every appointment app has features that are specific to them. However, there are some qualities that a standard application must have, as shown below: –

  • A private control panel where company admins may see and alter employee schedules, check out customer calendars and communicate with clients.
  • Features for assistance to collaborative works involving many members of the company’s workforce, especially for businesses with freelancers or many locations.
  • A front-end calendar for users of your website may check available appointment times, make bookings, and even pay for services directly.
  • A connection to your website via a link.
  • Appointment management should be fully functional, with clients and administrators able to create and modify appointments as needed.
  • Automatic email and SMS/Text message confirmations for administrators and customers. Use a program that will alert you of schedule changes, such as confirmations, and cancellations.
  • The best appointment scheduling programs let you design unique packages, memberships, subscriptions, and gift cards for your clients.

The 14 Best Online Booking Software & Apps in 2024

Here is a list of all the best booking software and apps in 202 that you can try today:


Bookeo is one of the best scheduling apps out there. It has a web-based scheduler that helps people and businesses keep track of their busy schedules.

Its original target market was small businesses and independent professionals. This includes photographers, car washers, therapists, and others who could benefit from a simple appointment scheduling tool. Over time, the product’s features grew so that they could be used in more ways by both individuals and businesses.

The system makes it easier for both you and your clients to book and make reservations. By adding booking widgets to your website or Facebook business page, you can let people make reservations directly from there. Your absence from the office or the house makes no difference.

Bookeo’s other services include Bookeo Tours & Activities and Bookeo Classes & Courses. The former is perfect for schools that teach things like music, yoga, and cooking. Excursions, charters, and “escape room” needs can all benefit from the second.

Bookeo can communicate with a wide variety of different business programs. Some examples include G Suite, QuickBooks Online, and MailChimp. There is a free trial available, but after that, monthly charges begin at $14.95 per user.


Calendly helps with boosting sales and improving the quality of your services. Most importantly, it helps you save time and money. Meetings, phone conversations, interviews, and presentations don’t have to be scheduled only through email and phone tag.

All you have to do is set a time and place for the meeting. After that, give your clients and coworkers the relevant links and mark your calendar. This resource is excellent for those who are in charge of organizing events for a sizable number of attendees.

There is no cost to participate in the program. If you’re looking for more sophisticated capabilities, you may upgrade to a paid plan.

Hubspot Meetings

HubSpot Meetings is a free add-on to HubSpot Sales that makes it easier to set up and manage meetings for your business. With Hubspot, customers may schedule appointments more easily. HubSpot also offers free integrations for customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, and sales leads.

This app was developed from the ground up with the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses in mind. With this, they eliminate pointless administrative steps, such as mailing clients constantly, resulting in significant time savings. The app syncs with your current Google or Office 365 account and has tools for managing time zone variations during international meetings.

HubSpot Meetings makes it simple for consumers to schedule appointments at their convenience. This tool makes it simple to provide clients with a direct link to your availability. The application may also be used to set up group or round-robin meetings, depending on what the clients require.

Square Appointments

If you’re looking for a simple and free appointment scheduling solution, look no further than Square Appointments. With Square Appointments and the other Square features, you can schedule almost anything you could want.

This app is perfect if you value command and flexibility above all else. It’s great if you’re looking at alternative scheduling solutions that can connect with the tools you already use in your business. Also, bear in mind that Square is only compatible with the United States, Canada, and Australia.


SimplyBook is geared towards helping you establish a system through which customers can schedule appointments with your company straightforwardly. They can access it through a desktop computer, a mobile device, or the web (iOS or Android).

You can change the look of your company’s online booking site by picking from a number of pre-made themes. On the downside, the templates tend to seem very similar to one another.

The fact that the software lets you use your own domain for the booking page is a major plus. This option isn’t free, but it’s a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

The platform also allows you to accept money for reservations using services like Stripe, PayPal, and Square. Integration with popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is also included. The software has a few flaws, though, including a high price tag and limited customer service options (just live chat).


Setmore provides its clients with a custom subdomain. This feature works like a website where people can go to see what times are available and make reservations. With a few clicks in the backend, you may alter the website’s front-end. In addition, you may set a fee for each available time slot and take payments in a secure web-based environment.

There is also a free edition of Setmore, which is a huge plus. This free edition allows you to schedule an unlimited number of appointments. Unfortunately, it’s missing key useful functions like the ability to set reminders through SMS, schedule recurring events, and create individual alerts. You’ll need to sign up for a premium plan to get the most out of the app.

In conclusion, Setmore is an outstanding service for making appointments. It facilitates easy appointment setting and keeping for businesses and their customers. The biggest flop is that the price of the app is higher than that of several rivals.


10to8 is an online scheduling service for small and large companies alike. With the help of this program, organizations may better coordinate their schedules and communicate with one another.

All day, every day, you may make use of tools that make it easier to organize your time and appointments. It also has a system for booking appointments, tools for synchronization, and automated reminders to help you manage your clients better. There are fewer no-shows when using 10to8.

It is simple to coordinate efforts so that everyone is up to speed and included in the right conversations about timetables. The present resources and availability of your personnel are also made known to you.


Schedulicity is another reliable platform for making salon appointments. It has grown into a set of tools that work together. It has payment processing, automatic email marketing, and a marketplace where local Internet clients can find you.

Schedulicity Pay has in-built support for payment processing, and users also have access to Square and Stripe for instantaneous payment processing. The modular pricing structure allows you to pick and choose the features you want, allowing you to control costs. The communication/marketing piece charge, however, might quadruple your regular expenditures.

When a company is tiny, it can start off with Schedulicity’s free plan and then upgrade as it expands. Despite being a solid all-in-one option, it doesn’t support very many third-party programs.


Appointy is an appointment scheduling software that helps businesses save time and money by better accommodating their clients’ needs. The program boasts that it is the simplest tool available for automating timetables.

It integrates with Square Payments to make it easy for consumers to schedule appointments and pay for them. Their main goal is to keep track of employee schedules and attendance. They also aim to improve client retention and satisfaction and cut down on appointments that don’t happen.

Appointly claims that they have over 130,000 satisfied clients in over 110 countries. It could also keep users by making their experience better and bringing in new ones through social networking plugins. Appointy is an on-demand service that doesn’t charge cancellation fees. It gives you a free 14-day trial that you don’t have to keep using.


SuperSaaS is a centralized platform for scheduling appointments and making reservations for anything from events to goods, services and physical locations. Appointments may be scheduled and paid for in more than 26 countries, and the software supports more than 33 languages.

Before you sign up for a subscription, the company offers a fully functional trial edition with no limits on the first 50 appointments. This will help you understand all of SuperSaaS’s benefits.

When it comes to sophisticated scheduling scenarios, SuperSaaS has everything you could possibly need to automate, sync, and integrate. The system lets business owners make booking forms with flexible settings for notifications and easy-to-change terms. It also includes tools for scheduling follow-up appointments and sending automatic confirmation emails.


SuperSaaS’s ability to merge events from different calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook is one of its most appealing features. This way, you can check both calendars at once and avoid accidentally scheduling the same event twice. The platform does more than just process meeting statistics and look at customer retention data. It also gives very detailed reports and analytics.


Doodle simplifies the scheduling process, saving you time and energy. Appointment setting and scheduling in general are made easier by its many features. These features are paid and come in packages that work together for the betterment of your user experience.

For those who want to create polls, Doodle Mobile has you covered with dedicated iOS applications for the iPad and iPhone. MeetMe serves as the primary hub for setting up and running your meetings.

Doodle Premium is the commercial version of Doodle that removes ads and adds themes alongside other bonuses. With Doodle, your own and your customers’ personal information is protected by SSL encryption. Both the business and the participants’ personal information are encrypted before being sent over the internet.

Doodle works with a number of calendar services. There is no cost to sign up for the service or use its features. However, upgrading to pro would cost you at least €29 per year. Make sure to get an estimate for your business’s plan.

Vcita Online Scheduling

Vcita Online Scheduling is a scheduling and appointment software working in tandem with the rest of the Vcita company management suite. This includes CRM, billing and invoicing, client management, and email marketing. Appointment management is the sole focus of this digitally portable hub.

Your clients can now register and make appointments from any location using the convenient web hub, LiveSite. Customer appointments will sync effortlessly with your calendar, which you may embed on your website.

Most people who use this web-based application are professionals in a wide range of fields. By incorporating tools for effective online scheduling, Vcita may help businesses better serve their customers. Use the trial version to see if the software meets your requirements. The minimum payment to maintain service is $12 per month.

Zoho Bookings

In common with other scheduling software, Zoho gives each user their own subdomain under the domain name. However, it gives you a lot of leeway in personalizing your company’s booking page. You may modify the look of the site to set yourself apart from the competition. Also, you can alter the fields on the contact forms through which you gather customer data.

Payment collection when clients book meetings with your company is made easy with Zoho Bookings. The platform’s compatibility with third-party payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal makes it possible to collect money directly from consumers. You can ensure your clients don’t miss their scheduled appointments by sending them automated reminders or customised confirmations of their bookings.

Zoho Bookings is a great choice if you want to make appointments for your clients quickly and easily. The main benefits of the platform are that it lets you integrate with different payment methods. However, it still has its flaws, such as inadequate customer service.


Picktime has a free version, a starter version, and a pro version. The “free” plan is exactly what it sounds like: it doesn’t cost anything. If you add it to your company’s website, clients can use a single portal to make as many appointments as they need. However, there are various restrictions compared to the premium plans. This includes a cap of three users and the inability to send SMS notifications or reminders.

One good thing about the premium plans is that they let you add more than one user to a single monthly subscription. This can cut the overall cost by a lot.

When it comes to appointment scheduling and management, Picktime is the best platform for businesses. It’s cheap, straightforward, and packed with useful features. It has certain drawbacks, such a lack of personalization and a strict no-refund policy.


You’ve come a long way exploring these top-notch online booking applications and software. However, it’s not enough to just read it and like what you read. Out of the best fourteen, which caught your attention the most? Download it today and take your business to a whole new level.

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