The 5 Best Spa Scheduling Software & Apps in 2022

Your choice of scheduling software or app for your spa can cause your business to grow and thrive or cause serious setbacks. This is because the right scheduling software or app would enable you better manage your relationship with customers and your workforce.

However, choosing a scheduling software for your business is easier said than done, as there are many options for your consideration. Without proper guidance, you would either settle for one that might not work in your industry or spend the precious time you can use to manage your business looking for that needle of a software in a haystack of endless options.

Well, not anymore.

This carefully collated listicle features spa scheduling software and app options that have been extensively tested in real-life use cases. Any of the products on the list below is guaranteed to offer that extra boost to ensure smoother operations of your spa and give you a one-up on the competition.

5 Spa Scheduling Software and Apps in 2022

1. Bookeo



Bookeo launched about a decade ago and has quickly become one of the industry leaders in providing excellent scheduling services. You know it must be doing something right as it currently services over 100 countries with a diverse clientele ranging from sole proprietors to multinational corporations. One of its key selling points is its intuitive design that’s easy to use; it gets the job done and done well.


  • Free Trial

Bookeo, confident of its top-shelf service, invites potential users to try out its software for free before committing financially. It requires that you create an account with them and choose a product for the free trial for a truly unique experience.

  • Up to Date Information

As a company in the scheduling business, they understand the importance of keeping their customers/clients involved and informed. This is evident in the news section on their website that tells their customers of updates coming to their products and how best their customers can get the most from their businesses.

  • Product Options

The company understands that different businesses have unique needs and has created several product options to target these specific needs. These products are the Bookeo appointment scheduling software, Bookeo class scheduling software, and Bookeo tours and activities software.

  • Versatility

One of the reasons this company is so popular is how broadly you can use its software in different industries. If you own a spa, a massage parlor, a salon, or give yoga and swimming lessons, to name a few, you are in great hands.

  • Established Customer Support

With Bookeo, you are not alone. The company offers after-sale support, and you can reach them via mail or telephone.


Bookeo offers dynamic pricing across its product range, with each option suiting different customer needs.

The Bookeo appointment scheduling software pricing ranges from $14.95 to $79.95 per month. The Bookeo class scheduling software ranges from $39.95 to $119.95 per month. The Bookeo tours and activities software ranges from $39.95 to $119.95 per month.

2. Zenoti



If you took the time to research scheduling software for spas before this article, it is very likely you already came across Zenoti. It is an industry giant with deep roots in health and wellness, providing scheduling services to spas, salons, medspas, and fitness centers. Zenoti has partnered with Shopify, and Opera, among other notable brands.


  • Product Options

Zenoti offers users a wide range of product options to cater to different user needs. They include appointments and bookings, business intelligence, marketing and sales, business management, bills and payments, and mobile solutions.

  • Offers a Free Demo

They do not want you to take their word for it; they ask that you see them in action with the free demo they have available on their website. For an accurate simulation, the demo requires you to register and put down information unique to your use case, like your business type and the number of providers.

  • Versatility

One area Zenoti receives praise is for its versatile use. The software can be in a spa, med spa, salon, and fitness center.

  • Onboarding Resources

The Zenoti software no doubt promises plenty, but this in itself can make it tedious to use. This is why the company offers several onboarding resources to quickly and easily intimate users with all their exciting features. These resources include a blog, web stories, case studies, ebooks, data sheets, and videos.

  • Mobile App Functionaliity

As if the above was not enough, Zenoti offers users access to its intuitive mobile application. The app is all you need to improve the quality of service you offer, as it bridges the gap between members of your staff and your customers. It creates a private and secure communication channel, real-time feedback, and instant messaging.


A major drawback for people considering the Zenoti software is that the pricing is not published on their website. You need to contact support for a quote for any of their products.

3. SimpleSpa



The SimpleSpa software calls to you if you keep a keen eye on your budget. At such prices, most people expect to receive half-baked software that barely manages to do the job and are often surprised when they find out the reverse is the case. What makes this software so unique is how quickly it evolves depending on the user’s needs.


  • Free Trial

SimpleSpa allows would-be customers to test their software before committing monetarily. This free trial will enable you to deploy the software in a test case that simulates your work situation and see how much help it can be and if it will be worth the commitment.

  • Color Coded Dashboard

The color-coded dashboard makes organizing your business that much easier. With these colors, you can efficiently monitor events at a glance, making it straightforward for you, your employees, and your customers to get the most out of the software.

  • Automated Notifications

If you decide to pitch your tent with SimpleSpa, you can access the automated notifications feature that keeps your customers informed of their scheduling and updates. This reduces cancellations and keeps you ahead of the curve, able to make decisions on the fly.

  • Bundled Services

One way to increase sales in any business is to simplify checkout. Instead of having customers look through your services one after the other, you can bundle services commonly bought together into a package. SimpleSpa allows you to do this seamlessly with its software.


The best thing about the SimpleSpa pricing model is that there is something for everyone.

Freelancers can capitalize on its $10 monthly/$100 annual plan. Budding teams can make do with $20 monthly/$200 yearly, and pros and enterprises can get the most out of the software with $40/$400 and $80/$800 for monthly and yearly access, respectively.

4. MangoMint



It becomes immediately apparent that MangoMint is a contender when you visit the website. The user interface is top-notch and overflows to the use of its software. Unlike most companies, you can leave. You can request your data to be exported for you to do with it whatever you want.


  • Color Coded Dashboard

One thing that’s a guarantee with MangoMint is that they are fun. It shows in their website design, the web copy, and their software. It features a color-coded dashboard that adds flavor to work and compresses information, allowing you to make crucial decisions at the push of a button.

  • Learning Center

It is one thing to reach customer support round the clock and another to be able to self-help. MangoMint understands this distinction and created a learning center to educate owners and managers, service providers, and front desk staff on how best to get the most out of the software.

  • Available on All Devices

You can always be on the go at home or your morning run with Mangomint’s cross-platform compatibility. You can start your day working on your desktop and switch later to your Android or Apple device.


MangoMint is one of the pricier options on this list, but you are getting great value for your money regardless. There are three packages on offer: the Essentials package sets you back $165 monthly, the Standard a little bit more at $245 monthly, and the Unlimited package pegged at $375 per month.

5. ChiDesk



ChiDesk is precisely how it sounds, a desk for you to attend to business and manage your appointments on the fly. The software enables you to reach out to customers, manage your staff and gain insight into your business performance.


  • Free trial

A free trial always comes in handy. It lets you see these features deployed in real-life tests and how you can get the most out of the software. You get real-time results that allow you easily make up your mind about the software.

  • Multiple View Option

With the multiple-view option, you can see the availability of different staff members for the day, week, and month. This information at your fingertips enables you to delegate tasks to employees efficiently.

  • Customer Feedback

The ChiDesk allows you to monitor customer feedback in real-time and can be categorized by employee. This way, you can see each employee’s output and how it directly affects your customers.


The ChiDesk software is relatively expensive compared to other options on this list, but it makes up for it by offering several categories. These are the Solo at $40, Standard at $60, Advanced at $80, Premium at $100, and Enterprise at $120, all monthly payments.

Considerations when choosing a Spa Scheduling Software

The following are some factors to keep at the back of your mind when choosing spa scheduling software:

Ease of Use

The most important consideration when shopping for scheduling software is how easy it is for anyone to use. It immediately puts prospective users off your business the moment the software or app requires extraordinary skill or knowledge to operate.

However, most companies mitigate this problem by providing resources that simplify onboarding for people looking to use the software or application. As a result, it becomes crucial that your eventual choice feature one or more of the following:

  • Blog Section
  • Case studies
  • How-to videos

The presence of one or more simplifies the user experience and plays a vital role in the endearment and acceptance of your brand.


These features go beyond the marketing gimmicks and visit the actual functionality of the software or application you are buying into. You want to get the most value for your money, but you should not get carried away with features you do not need for your business or already have covered, as it only makes the experience more cumbersome.

The following are some essential features your choice software or mobile app should have:


One thing a scheduling software or mobile app needs to be able to do correctly is scheduling. Your choice of software needs to allow your customers to schedule their appointments online without needing to get on a call or send a mail.

It would help if you also prioritized options that can automatically remind your customers of their appointments via text or email. This feature ensures people using their services do not miss appointments and get full value for their money. It will build trust with your brand and likely yield a sizable number of return customers.

Prioritizing the above results in better time management on your end and your customer’s end. Being near-automated creates a channel where you are both kept informed of the changes in the scheduling.


One thing businesses, especially small businesses, can always do more is marketing. In tight budgets, the right scheduling app can be an avenue to cheaply and sometimes freely advertise your services.

Business owners can use tools like landing pages and creating newsletters and service bundles on these software to reach out to more prospective customers. Doing these would increase the popularity of the brand and encourage brand loyalty.

Point of Sale

The right choice of software of mobile app for your spa business would be one that seamlessly integrates payment features. You want a mobile app that makes it easy to make payments in the comfort of their homes and on the business premises.

Your choice of app or software should be one that can process credit card payments, create coupons and gift cards, and bundle services into exciting packages for your customers.

Loyalty Management

Let’s face it; getting a satisfied customer to return is much easier than getting a new customer. This is why many businesses focus on repeat clients, and so should you. An easy way to have this in the bag is to create loyalty programs that reward return customers.

This can be in the form of a point system that accumulates on the customer dashboard and can be cashed in for a free appointment later.

Inventory Management

This is unnecessary if you do not sell beauty products in your spa. But if you do, you can do with this feature, as it helps you know what you have in inventory at a glance.

You can use this information to plan your purchases in the future. This way, you do not miss an appointment because you ran out of supplies and avoid overspending on supplies you do not need.

Mobile Application

People go everywhere and do everything with their mobile phones. You need to capitalize on this and get your business in their face, and one way you can do this is by prioritizing mobile compatibility software.

This way, you can update your inventory, check out necessary business metrics on the go, and your customers can stay in charge of their scheduling round the clock, not only when they are on their desktop or laptop computers.

Back-Office Management

Most scheduling apps focus solely on the customer end of the business, but the back-end management is often just as important. It allows you to take charge of your business accounting, manage the payroll of your workforce and track important business metrics at a glance.

Customer Support

Sometimes you or your customers will encounter a problem using the mobile app or software. This is where you need reliable customer support to step in immediately to diagnose the problem and proffer solutions. It is essential that you can reach the company via live chat, a toll-free mobile number, and emails.


The first thing you need to remember is that there will always be an option that fits into your budget. If you are a budding enterprise, you need to be more careful with your spending and will not be able to go all out for options with all the features you want.

What you want to do in this situation is draw out a scale of preference and choose software and mobile apps that tick as many of these boxes while still fitting your budget.

A Happy Customer

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have a happy customer. So when considering software and mobile applications for your spa, you want to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If it makes you happy, then it will make them happy. Remember, a happy customer is a paying customer.

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