The Best Virtual Event Management Software 2024

As a rockstar event manager, one way to set the stage for a productive year is to set up a Virtual Event Management Software.  


Virtual Event Management (VEM) Software is designed to help businesses manage online events hassle-free, efficiently, and effectively while meeting various industry standards. 

VEMs are one of the few technology tools explicitly built to simplify virtual events management. 

If you would rely on virtual event management software for your events, you may as well use the best. 

That’s where we come in. 

In this article, we’ll share our thoughts on the best software to invest in for your online events. You’ll also learn the best features of VEM software to make an informed pick for your business. 

What Is A Virtual Event Management Software?

Virtual event platforms allow you to give your virtual event a physical feel.  This software uses smart technology to incorporate audio, visual, and interactive features.  

It helps you host and manage online events. Virtual Event Management Software provides an engaging virtual experience, including registration forms, chat features, video conferencing, and branding options. 

It’s also equipped with full planning support, making it easy for your staff to monitor the events. With VEM software, you can manage invitations, press releases, and associated payment methods.  

Finally, it simplifies event planning, thereby making your life easier. The best virtual event management software offers an explosive experience where distance isn’t a barrier. 

Virtual Event Management Software Vs. Video Conferencing Tool; What’s The Difference?

Video conferencing software is important to have on hand, but virtual event management software is pivotal. If you’re hosting a conference with a diverse number of people, attendee software is essential to your total conference experience.

Zoom is a common video conferencing tool, but it is not the best option for larger or more immersive events. An interactivity-centric design makes virtual event platforms unique.  It gives them a clear advantage over video call tools. 

But that’s only on the surface level. 

Video call software can allow you to host several people in a virtual meeting, but it’s harder to talk to more than a handful at once. Thousands of people cannot get their voices heard because of limited space on the screen. 

The ambiance is another remarkable difference between these two platforms. Video conferencing tools allow you to watch people through their webcams.  

Virtual event platforms save the day with several ambiance-friendly options.  For instance, you can start and join conversations at a scale with separate keynote spaces, workshop rooms, and private meeting booths. 

See? Problem solved. The battle between Virtual Event Management Software and Video Conferencing tools obviously favors the former. 

What should be the top features on your list while picking the Virtual Event Management Software?

What To Look For In A Virtual Event Management Software

Virtual Event Management Software gives a wide range of unique tools and controls to help you manage and run your virtual or live event like a pro. 

However, the platforms differ slightly from each other. Some are designed to host boutique press events, while others allow you to host global trade shows that people can attend from their sofas. 

But some features are simply a must-have for the best virtual event software. 

Whether you want to host a staff meeting or run an event, using a suitable platform is crucial to achieving a successful event. Here are a few factors you need to consider when choosing a virtual event platform.  

Customization Options 

How do you want your guests to remember your event? 

An immersive experience always leaves a lasting impression. If you want to create an event that sets you apart, keep your eyes peeled for a fully customizable tool.

Invest in a tool that allows you to customize the ambiance of your digital spaces with imagery, color, video, and audio content. 

Ensure it affords a degree of flexibility to play around with your virtual space and create something mind-blowing. 

A customizable tool benefits events with several sponsors. You can creatively display your sponsor’s logos or banners in virtual rooms. 


Some events are scaled back. This means you don’t have to worry about a software tool that can manage an extensive guest list. In this case, VEM software for a small event would be an incredible option to make your event feel breezy and intimate. 

However, if you plan to host thousands of attendees, you need to consider scalability. 

It’s best to work with a tool designed specifically for a large audience. Such software will have reliable solutions that cater to your audience size. 

Ease Of Use

It takes only seconds to lose your attendees’ interest. So, a complex login process could be a huge turn-off, even if your event seems promising.  Besides making event planning a cinch, easy-to-use software encourages your guests to attend. 

Find a virtual event management tool that doesn’t mount any outrageous barriers during registration. Also, we suggest you aim for a tool with interactive features to create an exciting feel. 

Most importantly, ensure the tool integrates all necessary third-party tools, including your CRM tool. This makes planning easier for you and helps you deliver an enjoyable event. 


One of the most important factors to look out for while choosing VEM software is the price. Some tools cost an arm and a leg, while others are budget friendly with similar features. Hence, consider your budget while selecting the best software.

Since most virtual events platforms have a monthly or annual subscription, the upfront payments might strain your wallet. It’s advisable to give the software a run first and decide if it’s a worthy investment. 


Reviews is a way to test the waters before diving in. You can gauge the overall customer satisfaction of software from the reviews it has garnered online. 

You’ll get a real user’s opinion of the product, how it works, and the drawbacks to look out for. This doesn’t include the positive reviews curated from top clients or pushy marketing reviews. 

You may get actual user reviews on software platforms like Capterra or G2. These reviews are instrumental in making an insightful decision regarding Virtual Event Management Tools. 

7 Best Virtual Event Management Software 

Here is our list of the 7 best virtual events software of the year. 

1. Eventtia

Eventtia Virtual Event Software is a leading platform that helps create transformational events. You can rest assured that Eventiaa has the necessary planning tools to make any event a success. 

Notable Features

  • Virtual Stage
  • Streaming
  • Ticketing 
  • B2B matchmaking
  • Event Marketing

What To Expect

Having worked with several top brands, Eventtia sits at the top of our list of best VEMs to work with in 2023. It’s cloud-based software that creatively plans an event that strikes the right tone with your attendees. 

Eventtia is an all-in-one platform that offers multiple solutions for event management. For instance, its customizable features allow you to run target campaigns and promote your brand during any event. 

Moreover, the Eventtia platform captures your event metrics in real time. This provides you with analytics before, during, and after the conference. 

Eventtia promises to be your trusty sidekick during the planning process by providing a well-versed support team at your beck and call. 

With just one click, users can create landing pages, register participants, track attendees, sell tickets, email campaigns, and do any other activity necessary to make an event a success. 

During your conference, this software aids networking and engagement by providing communication tools. In essence, your guests can participate in engaging polls, video and audio chats, and surveys. 

The streaming tools immerse your attendees into your event. This feature allows you to personalize your event with your logo and color.  

Eventtia is one of your best shots at planning masterclasses, product launches, and networking events– just name it. Its immersive features are bound to help you create unforgettable events without any glitches. The software is suitable for hybrid, in-person and virtual conferences. 

Finally, you can easily create multiple event ticketing options for various kinds of attendees. Capturing leads and creating value-packed events has never been easier! 


Custom quote available on request.

Best For

Eventtia provides simple plans that cater to several companies. But it’s most suitable for small and mid-sized companies. 


Some tools are not easy to use. But they have a proactive support team to help you resolve any difficulty.

2. vFairs

Need a tool to make your event colorful and feel physical? That’s precisely what vFairs provides.  As an industry leader, vFairs highlights all the features that cater to several industries and geographics.  

Notable Features 

  • Virtual immersive exhibit hall
  • Custom event builder
  • Event gamification
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • 1:1 and group networking features

What To Expect 

Like the name suggests, vFairs is great for career, trade, and academic fairs. It’s a hybrid software designed to help you create an epic event. Whether you are hosting your event on-site or online, vFairs has customizable features to meet the requirements. 

By relying on this software’s innovative features, you can immerse your global audience in a highly interactive event. It can also help engineer your physical events for an overall best-in-class experience. 

It’s designed specifically to streamline event management tasks.  And the simplistic, natively mobile interface makes this software easier to use than some of its counterparts.

Featuring group networking options, vFairs sets the platform for networking. Attendees can chat one-on-one via video and audio calls during the event or schedule it in advance. 

It’s particularly famous for its 3D design, creating a stunningly remarkable impression on all attendees. 


It provides customized quotes based on your event.

Best For

It’s suitable for large, highly interactive events requiring a user-friendly platform.


The reporting functionality could be better

3. Hopin

The renowned event management software, Hopin, takes your event planning game to the next level. This seamless platform makes event management as easy as ordering from your favorite restaurant.

Notable Features

  • Highly customizable and brandable 
  • Interactive and immersive expo areas
  • Webinar sessions with chat and polls
  • Simple and flexible event schedule tool
  • CRM and API integration

This flexible platform is scalable and suitable for both large and small events. From registration to real-time analytics to multi-stage sessions, Hopin got you covered. 

It features customizable features for your events.

Hopin is designed with an interactive space to encourage interactive sessions for attendees. It creates an on-site feel where guests can come in and out of the rooms, just like a physical event. 

Using a tactical approach, it drives engagement through chats, polls, and other communication options.  Attendees can navigate the halls and network during the event. Like vFairs, it’s customizable, therefore encouraging branded events. 

It boasts an easy scheduling tool. The scheduling tool helps with everything involved in planning events and conferences with ease.  

Hopin is suitable for events of up to 100 000 online attendees. 

When hosting events for passive guests or when you want to explore break-out sessions and interactive expo areas, Hopin might just be your best bet.


  • Free for events with up to 100 guests.
  • Customizable pricing for events of over 100 guests

Best For 

It’s best for connection-centric events 


The salesforce integration isn’t fully functional.

4. GoToWebinar

Beyond being your go-to app for webinars, GoToWebinar software is an all-in-one platform for event management. It enables you to host immersive digital events effortlessly by relying on its power-packed engagement tools.

Notable Features

  • Custom Branding
  • Event Recording
  • Webinar Templates
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Detailed Analytics

GoToWebinar software shines in its ability to host large virtual conferences with attendees summing up to 2000. 

To give a physical feel, it features powerful engagement tools like polls, screen sharing, automated email marketing, branding options, etc. 

If you need a full-blown promotion for your event, you can take advantage of GoToStage, the software’s feed. This feed creates awareness for events and helps you reach millions of audiences if it makes the front page. 

It gives analytics after the conference to provide more information about your audience. 

Promising flexibility, GoToWebinar allows pre-recorded webinars for an all-round event experience. 


Lite: $49 (250 participants)

Standard: $99 (500 participants)

Pro: $199 (1000 participants)

Enterprise: $399 (up to 3000 participants)

Best For

It’s a great choice for small and semi-large events or conferences. 


It’s not so user-friendly 

5. HeySummit

HeySummit is quite low on features compared to its counterparts– but it’s still a popular VEM software.  Blame this on its lack of complex features and an easy-to-use interface. 

Notable Features

  • Live and Prerecorded Sessions
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Detailed Event Analytics
  • Self-Service Speaker Dashboards

One of the notable features of HeySummit is the ability to create branded landing pages without so much as a click. This easy functionality isn’t limited to the host alone. It also extends to all your guests, checking the user-friendly box on our best VEM software features list.

With the help of this tool, attendees can select their preferred sessions seamlessly during registration. 

HeySummit also simplifies your tasks with the speaker dashboard. The speaker dashboard feature lets speakers update their profiles and headshots, saving you hours. 

Users can plan several conference sessions and create colorful, insightful, and interactive events using the reliable tools available on HeySummit. 

After your virtual summit, you can access analytics to help gauge your event. It details how attendees learned about your conference, the number of attendees, average watch time, and other stats. 


Starter: $33/Month 

Growth: $99/ Month

Success: $299/ Month

Best For 

It’s for non-tech savvy professionals and generally for small events. 


You need to integrate HeySummit with zoom or Bigmarker to host live sessions. 

6. BigMarker

Google, Panasonic, and McDonald’s are popular brands that makeup BigMarker’s customer base. While this isn’t a clear validation, this software tool packs a punch with easy-to-use features. 

Notable Features

  • Microsites and Landing Pages
  • SocialMediaStreaming
  • Live, Interactive Video
  • Audience Handouts
  • Embedded Surveys
  • Email Marketing

From small seminars or training to huge global virtual conferences, BigMarker helps you achieve a game-changing event. 

By prioritizing engagement and human connection, BigMarket is great for people seeking immersive software for virtual events. 

It features engagement tools like session recording, screen sharing, surveys, and polls.  Attendees can network and interact through audio, visual, or chat– of course, with the host’s permission. 

You can also create more buzz on social media by streaming your event to Youtube or Facebook.  This feature creates an avenue for brand publicity. In addition, BigMarket software is customizable, allowing users to add corporate logos and brand colors to their digital events.

It also provides a built-in email marketing feature to track leads and get your audience fired up for your event. 

Unlike some software, BigMarker is browser-based. This means you don’t need to download any software to enjoy the features. 


Custom price available on request.

Best For

It’s suitable for companies or organizations looking to create and build traction for video content. 


The cost of BigMarker software for companies is quite steep for the average small business owner. 

7. Let’s Get Digital 

If you want software that helps create an unforgettable event, Let’s Get Digital is perfect.  Let’s Get Digital has a customizable interface, making it easy for event planners to modify their events.  It allows guests to stream an event and access an archived recording later.

Notable Features 

  • Real-time analytics
  • Live interactive chat or video
  • Customizable
  • Third-party integration 
  • Single-click data export

Are you hoping to increase your brand awareness or your sponsors through a virtual event? Let’s Get Digital offers a platform for that. It equips event managers with the tools required to create a mind-blowing event. You can enjoy a feature-rich platform with communication tools, branded environment, and loads of customizable options. 

The networking carousel functionality adds more fun to networking. For instance, attendees can “bump” into other guests, giving them a life-like feel. 

With this software, you can guarantee your event won’t be a snooze fest. It enhances guests’ experience with the most admirable virtual environment. 

However, its features aren’t limited to virtual events alone. This platform caters to hybrid conferences and makes management effortless. 

You also have access to virtual environments with endless connection possibilities for your guests. 

From pre-event management to post-event activities, Let’s Get Digital simplifies everything you need to make your event a resounding success. 


Core: €290

Advanced: €1.150

Extensive: €2.250

Best For 

It’s suitable for slightly large conferences aimed at networking and brand awareness. 

Draw Back 

Navigating the admin panel is somewhat complex, but the support team is responsive.


Virtual and hybrid events are the new normal.  And luckily, you have the best VEM software at your fingertips. These Stellar Virtual Event Management Software will help you add color and immersiveness to your event. 

Remember to decide based on your company’s needs and the kind of event you’re planning. Armed with the information embedded in this article, you can launch the most banging event ever!

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