Top 12 Most Innovative Real Estate Virtual Tour Companies

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Virtual reality uses physical presences in a digitally generated space. It interacts with hearing, vision, and other senses to paint the perfect picture. Apart from its use in the military industry, urban planning, industrial design, art, and entertainment, real estate is the most profitable area in virtual reality technology. VR is used for modeling interiors and demonstrating real estate objects.

Historically, apart from the property, a real estate agent was the second most crucial aspect of the real estate industry. Still, in modern times, entrepreneurs, brokerages, and real estate agents are taking advantage of the newest technology to have the upper in a competitive and indistinguishable field. In real estate virtual tours, prospective buyers can view the same house from wherever they are; however, they want and for as long as they want. Sometimes the real estate virtual tour allows the client to view the property even before its built. Virtual tours also assist the client in judging the property layout and how to furnish the rooms.

Top 12 Most Innovative Real Estate Virtual Tour Companies

Real estate virtual tour is the future of the real estate industry. Below is a list of the most innovative virtual tour companies. They are worth considering the next time you are in the market for a house or selling yours.

1. VPiX 360

VPiX provides 360° video and photographic services to businesses in over 17 countries around the world. The company comprises an agile and diverse team of seasoned developers in AR, VR, and MR. The team has been in the virtual reality field for over 18 years, starting in 2000, fueling their successful track record. As a result, they have grown to the capacity of six offices around the world. Owning to their success, VPiX 360° was ranked the 214th best company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine for three straight years.

VPiX 360° offers stunning imagery, 360° real estate virtual tours, and exciting videography to their clients. Apart from real estate services, they also have services that fit many businesses. Their services have helped companies gain more sales, generate leads, and save money through their 360° Digital Asset Management system.

Their breathtaking 360° virtual tours of luxury hotels and restaurants, car dealerships, and luxury apartments have helped business owners in real estate to improve their businesses. Their clients significantly benefit from their services as they are easy to use and understand.

2. VR Listing

VR Listing is a Canadian-based premier full-service marketing agency specializing in all the areas of real estate marketing with extensive experience in technology. They provide their real estate clients with innovative and significant solutions. Even though VR Listing is a new company, it has quickly achieved a place in the top ranks of the real estate market through superior industry knowledge, unmatched customer service, and innovative product.

The company focuses on three-dimensional immersive technologies to use the best of its advantage. VR Listing specializes in HDR photography, 3D tours, floor plan publishing, drone videography, architectural photography, virtual staging, 3D show casings, interactive software development, and specialty website development.

VR Listing, an innovative company, is always looking for opportunities to impress and has a lot to offer its clients, and always delivers fantastic services. For its clients, VR Listing provides new and profitable ways to generate leads through social media.

As a successful testimony, VR Listing clients include CENTURY 21, Sutton, Nest Seekers International, Dalmeran property management, and Keller Williams Realty.

3. EyeSpy360

EyeSpy360 is a web-based virtual tour platform that lets users upload their 360° photos to provide a virtual tour for their clients. It is designed as a marketing tool that uses social media integration, client/property matching, and custom branding. The requirements include a camera or smartphone capable of taking 360° photos.

EyeSpy360 has a team of technical experts who pioneered, invented, and brought the ability to view property in a 360° to market through a virtual tour (EyeSpyLive). The tours work well with Google’s VR headset to give a breathtaking tour.

EyeSpy360 avails its clients with the following features, analytic and reports, narrate virtual tours, live virtual home tours, the ability to create 3D floor plans and models, and virtual staging, renovations, and show homes.

4. Real Estate Exposures

Real estate exposures is an American-based company dating its start back in 2009. It started under the name 360 tours of York and underwent a name change to Real estate exposures in 2016 to fit an expanding business.

Real estate exposures pride themselves in jaw-dropping photography as their team is trained to produce the best-resolution photography, including still photography, video recording, photographing hone exteriors and interiors, and post-processing. They calibrate and edit the photos to achieve perspective correction, accurate whites and colors, twilight conversion, and Matterport 3D virtual tour.

Real estate exposures provide specialize in aerial, home, business, and hotel photography. Their great walkthrough tours give their listings the edge they need. Hence, exposures are a fast-growing virtual media real estate company that serves businesses and realtors.

Their quick contact nature has given them an advantage in the competitive real estate market, giving the clients Kingsway Realty, Long & Foster Real Estate Inc, and Century 21 Dale Realty Co.

5. Real vision

Real vision provides a platform where the world’s successful real estate professionals share ideas and thoughts. Their major objective is to provide these investors access to the best insights from professionals in the field.

Real vision gives their clients marketing solutions by making property listing effective, simple, and attractive. It also helps generate leads in the process foregoing the process of open houses. Therefore, the agents can concentrate on improving their business.

Real vision clients get unlimited access to stunning still photos,3D virtual tours of listings, and full-dimensional floor plans.

Their team comprises passionate innovators in technology whose primary aim is to ease selling and gaining homes.

6. Twist Tours Photography and Virtual Tours

Twist tour operates in the central Texas area to provide real estate services in photography, premium property websites, Matterport 3D models and floor plans, and aerial/drone photography and video to real estate professionals. Twist tours have been operational for over ten years specializing in apartment rentals, commercial property, event venues, hotels, office buildings, bars, and restaurants.

7. VirtualTourCafe

Their slogan “Virtual Tours sell houses faster” defines their operating model. VirtualTourCafe offers real estate agents the ability to create a real estate virtual tour, a video, and an e-flyer in only 15 minutes. The process is as simple as uploading the photos, adding the property listing, and creating a virtual tour.

VirtualTourCafe also avails its clients with the option to integrate their real estate virtual tours with social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. VirtualTourCafe, in summation, is a tool that provides a way for their clients to get exposure and get more leads. In addition, VirtualTourCafe has outstanding service and support.

8. Virtual GTA Real Estate Photography and Video

Virtual GTA Real Estate Photography and video offer various professional services, including real estate photo and video, breathtaking aerial imagery, feature sheets, and floor plans. Virtual GTA Real Estate Photography and Video are experts in professional real estate photography. Virtual GTA Real Estate Photography and Video use the top of the market equipment, best angles, and natural lighting to tell the story of a home. Their real estate videos allow viewers the imagination of living in the spaces as they narrate the story and travel through a home.

They offer packages that are cost and time-friendly and offer to edit virtual tours, photos, and videos.

9. FeelEstate

FeelEstate provides time and cost-efficient solutions in the real estate market. With the help of internationally acting camera producer RICOH and some of the best equipment in the market, the likes of the 360° camera RICO THETAS and the user-friendly FEELESTATE CM, you display your property cannot go wrong with FeelEstate. Remote-controlled Panolife’s RICO THETA HDR APP, the 360° camera creates a panoramic image for your property.

FeelEstate offers clients packages that have a statistical evaluation, password protection, measurement, and data protection in a 360° real estate virtual tour. The package also includes tutorials where the workings of the systems are explained.

With the 360° view of your property, potential customers will view less and get a great impression of your property. This will entice them to get a real viewing of the property, h which reduces the need for an open house.

Aside from saving time spent on property viewings, Feel Estate increases the success rate of your property.

10. 3DVista

3DVista’s primary aim is to provide its clients with steady customer contact and innovation. Then they do so by providing their clients with the complete software for creating virtual tours and panoramas. For the more technologically oriented clients, they offer DIY solutions, and for those less inclined to the technology, they offer them customized services. For this reason, 3DVista has stood out from other virtual tour companies.

The 3dVista software is compatible with panoramas from all 360 degrees, and they offer a virtual meeting room. The virtual tour can be personalized to the client’s needs as they offer to code it for them. The clients can also dial into the virtual tour, talk, and get guidance from one room to the next.

The features of 3DVista account for their success as they are in over 70 counties worldwide with over 10000 customers. Not only that, their software is top-rated. Some of their clients include Microsoft, Toyota, UNICEF, Vodafone, and McKinsey & Co.

11. Immoviewer

Immoviewer combines affordable, scalable, and simple 3D 360-degree tours with automated real estate video content creation. It also provides a DIY marketing system for real estate professionals. The product is integrated such that it takes the first 15 photos loaded to create an unbranded virtual tour of the property. For the video to be created, there must be at least three photos of the property, the agent must choose Yes on the virtual tour tab in the immoviewer field, and lastly, the broker of the organization must opt-in for immoviewer.

Immoviewer also creates floor plans using cost-effective and fast rea estate 3D 360-degree virtual tour software. Their product and services are robust and easy to use. Immoviewer gives the real estate agent a real advantage, improves a company’s brand image, and gives them a positive home buying and selling experience.

With an excellent product in the market, reasonable pricing, brokerages, and corporate client’s real estate agents have an easier time on immoviewer. Some of the real estate agents on immoviewer include better homes, Garden trust, Keller Williams, Berkshire Hathaway, and exp Realty.

12. HD virtual tours

HD virtual tours have been offering services to its customers since 2015. It provides real estate photography services and high-quality virtual tours. Their clients get invited through individual links for their virtual tours with the property address. HD virtual tours are based on Vimeo slide shows and YouTube. Therefore, they are more search engine friendly and easily found on Google, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Its 3D virtual tours have floor plans, 3600 images, photos, room dimensions, virtual open houses, and many other items. Their services are offered in Halton, Peel, Waterloo, GTA, Niagara, surrounding regions for photography and real estate tours. Based on the service, HD virtual tours have various pricing plans. HD virtual tours also have occasional offers that can benefit a client. It has served many real estate clients like Reality Point Brokerage, Zolo, Century 21, Sutton, Keller Williams Realty, to mention a few.


Before purchasing a house, 43% of buyers turn online and search for the type of house they need and its location. Thus, any real estate company that has better optimized its website will attract more customers. While it may attract many customers through SEO, many of them may not convert. Just showing mere pictures of the apartment is not enough. That is where virtual tours come in. Through virtual tours, a client can survey the house, which eases their decision-making. Ensure that you enlist the services of a reputable and innovative virtual tour company to help you in your marketing endeavors. The 12 companies above are among the most innovative companies that have expertise in this industry.

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