7 Top Web App Development Companies for Startups in 2022

While having a professional-looking and functional website is absolutely important for any startup, in practice, many startups often struggle with limited budgets, especially early on. This may cause these startups to delay the website development process, often indefinitely.

However, establishing an online presence is crucial to the success of a startup, and a website will often be the first impression and the first touchpoint a prospective may have with your brand. 

Remember that as a startup, your business can’t yet rely on your reputation and the popularity of your brand, and your prospective customers will use your website to judge you

If your website or web app looks obsolete, is not mobile-friendly, and doesn’t perform properly, the hard-earned prospective clients that you’ve successfully attracted to your website may perceive your brand as not serious and untrustworthy. 

In short, if you are really serious about growing your startup, having a well-designed and technically optimized website is important, and this is where partnering with the right web app development company is crucial.

In this guide, we will review 7 of the best web app development companies available in 2022 to help you make a better-informed decision about choosing the best website and web app design partner for your business. 

Yet, let us start from the basics: what makes a great startup web app?

The Anatomy of a Great Startup Web App

While each website and web app is unique and would have its own needs and technical requirements, these are the must-have characteristics of a successful startup web app:

1. Mobile-optimized

Since 2015, Google has implemented and maintained the mobile-first approach in its algorithm. Meaning, that mobile-friendly websites are more likely to rank on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and for some queries, Google may rank only mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive websites and web apps.

On the other hand, we also need to embrace the fact that more and more people nowadays are browsing websites from their mobile devices. According to Google, more than half of all internet users now perform a search from mobile devices or tablets.

Meaning, that if your web app is not mobile-friendly, you are going to potentially miss out on more than half of your prospective clients.

2. Optimal domain name

Having a great domain name that is easy to spell and remember can be extremely important for startup businesses.

If your website’s domain name is memorable, then it’s more likely to get repeat visits rather than a website with complex naming. 

For many startup businesses, the domain name might as well be the brand name itself (i.e., “goodbrand.com” for a startup called “GoodBrand,) but you can try to be creative and take different approaches. 

Nevertheless, make sure to have a great domain name.

3. High-quality and relevant content

Visitors want to get some value from visiting your website, and they wouldn’t appreciate it if your website is full of hard-selling content only aiming to promote your product or service.

Make sure only to post authentic content that is originally yours. If you need to publish text, photos, or even videos from others, make sure to credit the original creators and ask for permissions accordingly.

A key aspect of a successful website and web app development for startups is to consistently publish high-quality and relevant content on the website. 

4. Clear and accurate business information

Make sure visitors can clearly understand what your business is about, what you do, and what products/services you sell as easily as possible from your website.

The simplest and the most common approach here is to have an “about us” section on your website, but make sure to keep it not only informative but also attractive. 

For example, you can post a gallery of photos showcasing your products or services.

5. Contact us

Make it as easy as possible for visitors to contact your business from your website.

Typically this is done by including a “contact us” section on the website, but also make sure to include accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information that visitors can easily find (i.e., on the footer of each page.) Make sure to use a large enough font and a font type that is easy to read.

It’s important not to use images/pictures for your NAP and contact information. Not only would text content allow visitors to easily highlight, copy, and paste it, but text content would also ensure the information is crawled and indexed properly by Google and the other search engines.

Also, make sure the NAP information or any information about your startup is consistent anytime it appears anywhere on the internet.

6. Optimal layout and menu

Make sure it’s easy for your website visitors to navigate your site.

The easier and faster a user can navigate your site, the more likely they are going to convert: 

  • Signing up for your email newsletter 
  • Signing up for a free trial or free demo
  • Actually purchasing your product or service

Make sure your startup website is as easy to use as possible with an optimized layout.

7. Integration with social profiles

It’s natural for startup websites to struggle with generating traffic (at least at the beginning,) and one of the most effective ways to tackle this is by integrating your social media profiles.

By including your site URLs on your social media profiles and linking your website to your posts, you can drive traffic to your website and amplify your reach.

Vice versa, you can drive traffic to your social profiles by linking these profiles on your website (i.e., on the site header or footer.)

Choosing The Ideal Web App Development Agency for Your Startup

With so many different web design and web app development agencies available today, choosing the right one for your startup can be quite a daunting task.

However, here are some actionable tips you can use:

1. Identify your needs and requirements first

Above, we have discussed the key features you should focus on when developing a startup website, but your startup website should also be unique.

Treat your website as a digital storefront that will actually help your startup in achieving its objective, rather than simply showcasing your business on the internet.

With that being said, identify the purpose and objectives of developing this website in the first place, so you can also identify the technical requirements.

Here are a few examples of purposes and objectives you can pursue when developing a website or web app for your startup:

  • Build awareness and introduce your brand to potential customers.
  • Generate leads (i.e., newsletter sign-up)
  • Direct sales of your products/services on the website (eCommerce.)
  • Capture information from your visitors (i.e., surveys)
  • Integrate with other marketing channels (i.e., email marketing, social media marketing) and support each other

Once you’ve identified your purpose and objective(s), then you can start identifying the technical requirements you’ll need, which can help in evaluating potential web app development companies.

2. Establish budget

Based on the technical requirements you’ve identified above, decide on a realistic budget.

It’s best to research how much is considered acceptable according to the technical features you’ll need to be featured on the website, so you’ll have a benchmark when evaluating different agencies.

3.Establish timeline

Before evaluating different web app design agencies, it’s best to first decide on your timeline, so you can, later on, discuss whether an agency is available during this period and whether they can deliver the project within the desired timeline.

Keep in mind that the shorter the timeline, typically, the project will be more expensive if you’d also like to maintain quality. 

If, for example, you’d need the website to be launched in just a month’s time, then you may be required to spend more on the same agency than if you allow the project to be completed within three months.

When evaluating different agencies, also ask upfront how their workflow process will be. A trustworthy and credible web app development agency will be transparent with its design workflow and will be honest about what you should expect from and during the project. 

Ask about their current workload: if they are currently too busy, then consider delaying the project if possible (if you really want to work with them) or choose another available agency.

4. Background check for experience

You’d want to work with a web app development company with adequate experience, especially in your niche/industry.

To properly evaluate a prospective company’s experience level, you’d want to evaluate the following:

  • How long has the agency been in the web app design niche?
  • Is the company a startup or an established company?
  • Does the company have experience developing websites and web apps for startups?
  • Does the company have experience working with companies in your industry or niche?
  • Have they developed websites and web apps with functionalities and features similar to what you are looking to develop?
  • Have they developed web apps with similar results as your objective?

You might also want to check the type and size of clients the web app design company has worked with. If you would be the largest client they have worked with, then the agency might not be a good fit for you since they might not have adequate experience working with a company of your size and/or in your niche.

However, if they consistently worked with companies bigger than your startup, then they might underestimate you (intentionally or unintentionally) and might not commit their whole time and efforts to your projects.

5. Check portfolio and project reports

Most reputable web design and development agencies would display their portfolio on their websites or social profiles, so make sure to check them out to get the feel of whether their design style fits your preferences.

Also, check whether there’s variety in design styles/approaches when evaluating the portfolio. If all of their designs are in relatively similar styles, then it’s quite likely you’ll also get the same style for your website (which can be a good or bad thing.)

Next, try to evaluate their previous works. Check whether the websites they’ve developed are technically optimized and mobile-responsive. If possible, test on different devices, on as many devices as possible.

Some credible web app development agencies may also offer result reports accompanied by figures and statistics to show how the developed websites and web apps have provided tangible results for their clients and have helped their clients in achieving their objectives. 

If the agency of your choice publishes these numbers and reports, it’s a sign that it’s a trustworthy and credible agency.

Last but not least, check whether any of the websites or web apps they’ve worked with have won any awards or accolades.

6. Check reviews, testimonies, and case studies

The beauty of this digital, social media age is that it’s much easier to find virtually any information about your prospective web app development agency. 

Check for online reviews and testimonies from previous clients (if any.) The agency might feature some positive testimonies on their websites, but if you can, try to find more of them on relevant third-party review sites.

If the agency’s website is the only place you can find reviews, then you should be reasonably suspicious that it’s just an empty claim.

Some web app design agencies may also publish case studies on their websites.

Checking out reviews, testimonials, and case studies can be a great way to evaluate whether existing and previous clients are satisfied with the agency’s services, not only about the agency’s quality of work but also the quality of the customer service received by previous clients. 

7. Evaluate agency culture

It’s also crucial to assess whether the web app design agency has an agency culture that suits your preferences and styles. 

After all, you may need to spend weeks, if not months working with them, so if their working culture doesn’t match with yours, it can be a major issue. 

Here are a few tips you can use when trying to assess the working culture of prospective agencies:

  • Most credible agencies would publish their team or management structure on their websites. You can review this page to learn about their team members and working styles. 
  • Check out their social media activities (interactions with clients or other businesses, how they answer questions, etc.)
  • Check whether they have been recently involved in the local community (i.e., if they’ve joined any events, charity, etc.)
  • Schedule to meet prospective agencies, at least via virtual conference. You can use this meeting as a valuable opportunity to learn about their agency culture and whether they are a good fit for your company.

Top 7 Web App Development Companies for Startups in 2022

We’ve researched numerous web app design companies to help you find the best possible partner for your startups. 

After carefully evaluating hundreds of agencies available, here are our top 7 picks for the best web app design companies suitable for startups:

1. Nine Peaks Media

Nine Peaks Media is a full-cycle digital marketing agency, with SEO-friendly web app development being one of its core services.

The Toronto-based agency will not only guarantee your website and/or web app are well-designed and fully functional but will also optimize the web app and support it with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to ensure a steady influx of traffic to the web app.

Remember that no matter how aesthetically-pleasing your web app is, and even if it’s supported with the latest technologies, it won’t bring much value to your startup if you can’t get your target audience to visit it. 

This is how having a capable web app development company like Nine Peaks Media as your partner in website and web app development can be very valuable for your startup’s growth.

2. A2Design

A2Design is a full-service website and web app design agency with a lot of experience working with startups across many different industries and niches.

A unique thing to consider if you decide to work with A2 Design is its strategic approach to web app development. 

Before working on your project, A2Design will send you a personalized, complete project proposal based on your needs and preferences. This proposal will include a detailed action plan, a roadmap, and technical suggestions, among others, that you can assess before deciding to partner with them.

Being a full-service agency, they won’t stop supporting you after the launch date of your startup web app but will continue providing maintenance support and may also give suggestions about the web app’s performance even after the project has ended.

A great choice if you are looking for an agency capable of developing a fully custom-tailored website or web app for your startup.


WeKnowSEO, as the name suggests, specializes in SEO-related services, including the development of SEO-optimized websites and web applications.

If you choose WeKnowSEO as your web app development partner, you’ll get a comprehensive service package, including but not limited to:

  • A technically optimized and SEO-friendly web application or website
  • Ensuring mobile-friendliness of your web app across many different web apps
  • Ensuring optimal page speed, for example, by enabling caching 
  • Providing conversion tracking and analytics report

Being a full-service marketing agency, if you decide to use WeKnowSEO’s web development service, you’ll also be eligible to get discounts on WeKnowSEO’s internet marketing services to help you attract visitors, leads, and customers to the web app.


ScienceSoft is one of the oldest web app development agencies that are still active today, with the US-based agency having more than 30+ years of experience since 1989.

Despite being an established agency, ScienceSoft offers a pretty competitive price and offers a wide variety of services ranging from website development, web app development, UX/US design, CMS application, and more.

A cost-effective and credible potential partner for your startup business in having an aesthetically-pleasing and functionally sound website and web application.

5. Bop Design

Bop Design is a web design and web app development company focused on the B2B industry while also offering full digital marketing services. 

Bop Design branded itself as “The B2B Agency” on its website, making it a decent candidate if you are a B2B startup looking for a web app development partner.

Bop Design has the experience to help you in various aspects of digital marketing: web design and web app development for your startup, content marketing, social media marketing, branding, and other marketing efforts to help your B2B startup achieve its goals.


WebDew has helped many startup businesses of different sizes and niches, offering website design, web app development, maintenance, and marketing strategy services.

Focused on the strategic development of SEO-friendly web apps, the Washington-based agency has worked with top brand names like T-Mobile, Microsoft, and UBER, among others.

WebDew is also a HubSpot Diamond Partner. Meaning, that if your SaaS business is already using HubSpot in your technology stack, WebDew can help in integrating and migrating your website and web application to HubSpot as a part of its services. 

7. Lounge Lizard

Having been around since 1998, Lounge Lizard has been one of the most well-known website and web app development agencies in the US.

The New York-based full-service agency won’t only help your startup with web app development but also other digital marketing services like: 

  • Sales/conversion rate optimization for your website and web app
  • Branding development strategy
  • Custom high-end and/or highly technical website and web application
  • SEO services
  • Digital marketing across multiple channels

While Lounge Lizard, being an established agency for more than two decades, may not be the most affordable option, it has worked with many notable clients, including Disney, Marvel, and Vox.

If you do have the budget to partner with Lounge Lizard, it’s definitely worth every penny. 

Wrapping Up

In this article, we’ve covered and reviewed 7 of the best web app development companies for startups. 

While choosing the right web app development company to partner with can be quite a daunting task, above anything else, it’s about identifying your unique needs and requirements for your startup website. 

We have also shared some actionable tips to help you choose the right web development company for your business, and hopefully, you can use what we’ve shared to make a better-informed decision in choosing the best web app development partner for your startup business. 

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